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Plants do not manufacture trace minerals, they absorb them.
Much is said now in the news of the importance of different trace minerals, such as selenium, boron, and chromium. Just the absence of one trace mineral can cause health problems:
  • Without the trace mineral cobalt, the human body cannot manufacture Vitamin B12.
  • Without potassium, the heart muscle can be harmed and the result can be a "racing heart" or tachycardia.
  • Without zinc, selenium, sulfur, and iron, the liver would be sluggish and weak in its abilities to repair damaged tissue, fight infection and detoxiy the blood and the bowel.
Also dependent on trace minerals are enzymes. All metabolic processes at the cellular level depend on enzymes. Sometimes called the "spark plugs of life", enzymes sustain, assimilate and transform all life processes through their catalytic action. No species can ingest food without the presence of enzymes. Often enzymes vital to our immune systems need the rarest trace minerals in order to function. There are 92 known trace elements. As research continues, it is reasonable to assume that the role of every mineral will be discovered.
From Back To The Basics Of Human Health by Mary Frost, pg 14-15
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