Theresa has been trained and certified in blood analysis by Dr. Robert O. Young, N.D., author of the “pH Miracle” series of books, as well as others. She also received N.A.D.A. training and certification in auricular therapy from Dr. James B. Richards, Ph.D., Th.D., O.M.D.

She believes that nobody has ALL the answers, so she continues to research and try new therapies. She promotes healthy lifestyles intuitively as a professional, is a Natural Health/wellness Coach and an engaging speaker.

Her skills include: Certified Nutritional Microscopist (Live Blood Cell Analysis), Certified Auricular Therapist, Enzyme Therapy and Raw Food enthusiast.

Theresa didn’t start out being healthy and looking so young and vibrant. She was raised on a typical American diet and ate regularly from the four food groups: Dine-in, Carry-out, Microwave and Frozen. Starting a family is what really drove her motivation to excel in health: to care for her children’s health and to meet her and her husband’s goals of breaking longevity records. It also helps control their family budget by keeping health care costs down.

Theresa started transitioning her diet from S.A.D. to vegetarian during her first pregnancy and feels that greatly contributed to a quick and relatively painless natural childbirth at home in about 8 hours. Within weeks after the birth she lost all of her pregnancy weight and her extra weight that she carried since high school. That was an extra morale booster and she started on a voracious reading and research campaign which has brought her on her present path toward an alkalizing raw-food, vegan diet.
She is fully supported by her husband and two beautiful girls.

“For the life of the flesh is in the blood…”
Leviticus 14:11
View YOUR Life at the Cellular Level

View YOUR Life at the Cellular Level

What is Live Blood Assessment (L.B.A.) & Dry Blood Assessment (D.B.A.):
Live Blood Assessment (L.B.A.) and Dry Blood Assessment (D.B.A.) is a technique using a high powered microscope to observe changes or imbalances in your body based on your own blood chemistry. These changes may be a result of pathological conditions. Free radicals are significantly damaging to cellular health and contribute to the degenerative process of aging if not addressed. L.B.A. and D.B.A. can help identify these imbalances.

How it works:
To perform this assessment a finger prick will be taken, a drop of blood will be placed underneath the microscope and will be viewed simultaneously by you and your health professional.

What to expect:
Your comprehensive nutritional evaluation will reveal what systems within your body are being affected by your current lifestyle habits. Based on this evaluation, a customized nutrition protocol and lifestyle recommendations will be created for you.
Using Phase Contrast Microscopy to view blood is an incredible learning and motivational tool to stay on track with your health improvement goals.

How we can reach your optimal health:
Through using nutritional supplementation and proper food combining, along with exercise an good mental hygiene, a person may be able to achieve optimal health. The key to better living is a healthy lifestyle.
My training in this field is to address specific imbalances and thus guide and direct one to improved health. Together, let’s help you reach your optimal health!

A few of the benefits:
  • Understand the process of digestion.
  • Understand the function of foods at the cellular level.
  • Identify current lifestyle habits that are adding stress to the body creating symptoms and dysfunction.
  • Receive a customized nutrient protocol.
  • Establish a support system.
  • Track progress.
Visually see the changes in your blood as you improve your lifestyle habits over time.
*It is hereby acknowledged that the outset of this work is non-traditional. Its application and use has not been approved as a primary means for a differential diagnosis. The author and publisher of this pamphlet is not making any representation as to the standard of care for any jurisdiction or the compliance of L.B.A. and D.B.A. testing in any jurisdiction. The readers should refer to their own state and local authorities for those consultations. The author is also not expressing medical opinions to be relied upon for diagnostic purposes. Readers should consult with their own health care providers for such treatment and opionions.

Did you know…

  •  …there are approximately 250 million red blood cells & a ½ million white blood cells in just one drop of blood?
  • …2.5 million red blood cells are replaced every second?
  • …32 billion white blood cells are replaced every 4-6 days?
  • …80% of allergies are related to nutritional deficiencies?
  • …12 teaspoons of sugar is in a 12 oz. can of soda?
  • …good fats contribute to improved cholesterol levels?
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