Waters Of Life Cleansing & Renewal has a solid reputation for excellence in colon hydrotherapy & life-changing cleansing programs in Orange County, CA. Under the guidance of Jeanne Martin, Advanced I-ACT Colon Hydrotherapist, Waters Of Life specializes in the Vitratox Cleansing Program, an 8 Day Cleanse with an accompanying liver & gallbladder flush. Since 2001, Waters of Life has been assisting clients with health challenges that range from constipation & IBS to asthma, high blood pressure & auto-immune issues & beyond.


“Cancerous tissues are acidic,
whereas healthy tissues are alkaline."
Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg
1931 Nobel Prize Winner
The Real Cause of Cancer

So many things are highly acidic: stress, coffee, soda, beef, pork, "fast food", processed food (white rice, white flour, white sugar, pasteurized food...). Most people aren't consuming enough of the highly alkaline foods like wheatgrass, kale, cucumber...

We find that most people start out on their 8 Day cleanse very acidic with lots of cravings. By the end of their 8 Day Cleanse, they are more balanced...& their cravings are gone. Could it be that cravings are found in an acidic environment??? Print this chart & get to know what foods are alkaline & what foods are acidic. Each day when you eat, pay attention to how much acidic food you are eating & be sure to balance it out with alkaline foods & drinks. I make sure I have alkaline food everyday...even if it's fast, easy & convenient like our Vitratox GREENLIFE! It is highly alkaline! :-)

According to Dr. Ragnar Berg, the ideal ratio is about 80% alkali-producing foods & 20% acid-producing foods.

Dr. Ragnar Berg is a world-famous Swedish Nutritionist and the world's foremost authority on the relationship between the acid-alkaline ratio in the diet in health and disease.  His works on nutrition are used as text books in many medical schools.

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