Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease
Can you prevent & reverse Heart Disease?

Based on Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn's clinical research, he said in his book  Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease
on page 4, "I believe that Coronary Artery Disease is preventable, and that even after it is under way, its progress can be stopped, its insidious effects reversed." 

We do not sell it, but it's an AMAZING book! 

Also, please read everything on Dr. Esselstyn's website, but especially the FAQ's page....  

Dr. Esselstyn was a surgeon at the renowned Cleveland Clinic. Year in & year out, the clinic is widely recognized as the number 1 heart center in the world!

Dr. T. Colin Campbell, professor emeritus of nutritional biochemistry, Cornell University, and author of The China Study wrote the foreword in his book,
"Dr. Esselstyn's studies are among the most carefully conducted and relevant medical investigations undertaken during the past century. His goal - eliminating coronary disease entirely - may not be achievable during our lifetimes, but he has told us that it can be done & how it can be done. His determination to pursue this research and to teach the rest of us what he has learned, against formidable opposition in the medical establishment, is a testament to his personal and professional courage & integrity.
People who ignore its message will do so at their own peril. There is no pharmaceutical wonder or medical trickery, either now or in the future, that can match these findings."

Both of these world renown doctors, Dr. Esselstyn & Dr. Campbell, are in the very important documentary Forks Over Knives. If you haven't seen it yet, please take my advice & buy it so you can watch it...& then watch it again & again with all of your loved ones! This will give you the knowledge you need so you can make good healthy choices in this tempting & toxic world!
Heart Health Testimonials

Heart Health Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials on YELP from our clients that did our 8 Day Cleanse...

1. David R from CA (Age 45 ) - High cholesterol, 10% obstruction in arteries... Jan 11, 2008 - Two years ago my cholesterol levels where at 230 - 240 and my bad cholesterol was too high and the good too low.  My doctor wanted to give me lipitor and I had a 10 percent obstruction of the arteries.  I did not want to go on the lipitor because every thing I have read points to damage of the liver.  My doctor kept on insisting I should.  What I told him is to give me 3 or 4 months to look for an alternative. I decided to do an 8 day colon cleanse with a liver/gallbladder cleanse at the end.  After the cleanse I felt substantially better and lighter. My skin felt healthier and I dropped 20 pounds.
Two weeks later I had a physical with my doctor; the results were unbelievable.  My doctor could not understand that my overall cholesterol dropped to 158 and my ratio was within normal ranges.  I told him what I did and he said he wished he could recommend it to his patients but because of liability restriction he could not. But he would monitor my progress.  Two years have gone by and I have done 1 colon cleanse per year, my average cholesterol is 180 and my obstruction has dropped to less than 5 percent.  I have not gained any of the old weight back.  I am eating better but have not changed my diet substantially.
I believe all people should have a cleanse at least once a year for health purposes, preferably more often.  I understand time is always a factor. D.R.


(2nd Review) I completed my second colon cleanse a couple months ago and had another amazing experience. This time, I took tests before and after, and the results were ASTOUNDING. The first test I did was bloodwork. I did bloodwork immediately before and immediately after the cleanse. Before the cleanse, my total cholesterol was 236 (high) and my LDL was 144 (also high). I had NO idea that I had high cholesterol, as I am 29 years old and what most people (and myself) would consider a healthy eater. I was also exercising pretty regularly, but probably eating too much bacon and red meat (paleo isn't so healthy after all, I guess?!).

After the cleanse, I did bloodwork again. My doctor said she had to triple check the results because she could not believe it. Not only was my LDL LOW, but MY TOTAL CHOLESTEROL DROPPED NEARLY 100 POINTS!!!!!! After completing the cleanse, the tests also revealed lower CRP (which indicates risk for a cardiac event) and better kidney filtration.

The second test I did was body fat. At my local gym, they have a very high tech body fat measurement machine (bioelectrical impedance), the same one the NFL uses. I tested the day before starting my cleanse at 31.3% total body fat. To put in perspective, 32% is at risk for diabetes, cardiac events, etc. I did the test again, the day I ended the cleanse, and it dropped to 28.4%!!!!  Any trainer or nutritionist will tell you that a 3% drop in total body fat within 8 days is unheard of. I could not believe my eyes.

What's even crazier was the actual amount of fat that came off me - 6.5 lbs lost, and only 0.5 lbs of lean muscle lost. This for me spoke volumes as to how this is truly good for your body and that it is ridding itself of the toxins and fat that store it. My husband has been resistant to doing this cleanse because he is afraid of losing muscle, but this made him a believer.

I would strongly suggest this cleanse for anyone who is feeling sluggish, tired, lacking energy, having brain fog, or simply knows they could look and feel better. I even had some eczema patches that this cleanse got rid of.

This cleanse will put you on the path to health! It is an investment in YOU!

Finally, I have to thank Jeanne and Kellie for being such a pleasure to spend 45 mins with for 8 days straight. They are both so professional and knowledgeable and I truly feel that I owe my health to them. I have colon cancer on both sides of my family, and this cleanse makes me feel as though I am in control of preventing it!

Next I am going to do Jeanne's probiotic program to rebuild my gut flora. Can't wait to start this!

(1st Review) I began going to Jeanne thanks to her great Yelp reviews, so I figured I ought to pay it forward and give my own glowing review.

I had never gotten a colonic before, and went because I felt absolutely horrible. Jeanne really got me back on the path to wellness. 

I recently completed her colon, liver and gallbladder cleanse (8 days in total with colonics) and I feel like a new person! It was absolutely incredible the toxins that she helped me to release. 

Also, this procedure REMOVES GALLSTONES, which you'd otherwise have to get surgically removed.  I am a healthy 27 year old and was amazed at how much toxic build up I had... I truly believed that Jeanne added years to my life and will continue to do this cleanse every 6 months for maintenance. 

I also did ear candling during my cleanse and was very pleased with the experience and efficacy of this method. It was my first time and I will definitely continue to do this as well. Jeanne is incredibly knowledgeable about wellness and I strongly encourage anyone who feels they need to make a change to go see her! Her other associates, Crystal and Alma, are wonderful as well and incredibly professional. I am a total evangelist for WOL and can't say enough about what a wonderful change they've made in my overall health and wellness!

Also, check out her filtered reviews. Total shame these are hidden. 18 more five star reviews and they speak for themselves!

3. Kris E. from San Clemente, CA - HIGH LIVER ENZYMES & HIGH CHOLESTEROL ….

(2nd Review) This is an update to previous review. I decided to give their 8 day colon/liver cleanse a try since my liver enzymes had been reading high even after ruling out other viruses and fatty liver. Best decision ever! I saw Jeanne for most of my colonics and besides being a sweet person, she is a wealth of health information! Being brought up in a healthy lifestyle since childhood she has a lot of life experience in natural healing. I benefited greatly from her knowledge and have learned the wonders on bentonite clay! I'm so grateful to know how to help my body purge toxins naturally now!

So back to the cleanse. I had blood work done a couple weeks later and not only were my liver enzymes reading normal again, but my cholesterol dropped significantly! I'm no longer at risk anymore. I highly recommend investing in your health and doing the cleanse. It truly is life changing. I tell all my friends and family because I love them and want them to live a long painful and rich life. I see this as the golden ticket. It's something I plan doing on a regular basis as a part of my health maintenance. 

If I could them give 6 stars I would!  *****

(1st Review) I’m so happy to have found this place! I saw Kelly today for a colonic and it went better than expected! I was really backed up so afterwards the relief I felt was amazing! Like a new person: no bloating or nausea and much more energy. I was so fatigued prior to this visit. Anyway Kelly was super helpful and a great listener with great advice to give. I like that they are an advocate for natural health in general. Although she did not try to push any products on me I was curious about what they had, as I'm interested in attaining optimal health. They have a bunch of high quality supplements if a person is interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

They are my new go to place for colonics. I will be back and would refer them to all my family and friends.

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