Roughly 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes.

Finding out you have cancer is a scary thing. I don't want to be 1 of those 3 ladies being told I have cancer. Therefore, prevention is best!

Fortunately for us, many people have been healed of cancer naturally! It takes alot of work & commitment though...that is why I would rather not get it. 

If I was ever told I had cancer, first I would PRAY. Then I would go on the 8-Day Cleanse every 7 weeks & in between I would do the Gerson Therapy ... . However, if you learn about the Gerson Therapy and Dr. Gerson's belief as to why people get cancer, you will have a better chance of not getting it...of course if you work on following the principles. 

Some main points to the Gerson Therapy:

1- Cancer patients are low in potassium.

We need to make sure we eat foods high in potassium (bananas, potatoes -not french fries which are high fat- & many other veggies & fruit). See Potassium chart below.

2- Cancer patients do not breakdown their fats well (important to clean the liver and gallbladder). In general, try to eat a low-fat diet. When we eat fat, we should eat good fats from plant foods like olive oil, flax seed oil, avocado, nuts, seeds, etc...not pork, beef, shellfish, fried foods, etc.

3- Do the best you can to not eat food that had salt added to it. Table salt should never be eaten, but even sea salt. We get enough sodium in our diet from fresh foods like veggies, etc. There is alot of salt added to food when we go out to restaurants & fast food as well as canned & packaged food we buy from the store. When reading food labels, read the ingredients, see if they added salt & where is it in the ingredient list. If it's close to the beginning, there is alot of salt. If it's at the end there may be less. Check the sodium content as well. 

Important: Just because we may not add salt ourselves to our food that was either bought in a restaurant or was packaged/processed, most of the time, someone else already added the salt.

We sell a book on our website (under PRODUCTS) that explains the why's & how's of the Gerson Therapy. It's called Healing the Gerson Way by Charlotte Gerson. Her father Max Gerson, MD discovered this therapy. It's been healing people of cancer for over 65 yrs.

I recently heard Charlotte speak in Los Angeles at the Cancer Control Society Convention which I highly recommend that everyone attends at least once. Impressive Medical Doctors come from all over the world to speak, but mostly MD's from the US. They speak about the natural ways they heal their patients from cancer. Charlotte is 87, looks great, & has no disease!

Anyway, why is this information not on the news or being told to us by the average MD? So much to say about this, and so I will update this info very soon.  In the meantime, I will say one thing...the AMA & FDA are very powerful organizations. 

You will understand very well what I mean if you go to the Cancer Control Society Convention & listen to what every doctor says. They speak with one voice regarding this.

Another option is to read about the problem on Dr. Lorraine Day is an internationally acclaimed orthopedic trauma surgeon and best selling author who was for 15 years on the faculty of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine as Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopedics. She was also Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital and is recognized world-wide as an AIDS expert. Many years ago she was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, went on the Gerson Therapy & was healed! She has alot to say. Great info! She was one of the great speakers at the Cancer Control Society Convention.

Feel free to call or email us with any questions until we're able to get it all on the website. 

Please...get the book, Healing The Gerson Way! And pass it on...EVERYONE needs to know this stuff! 


Taken from Healing The Gerson Way by Charlotte Gerson, Page 123-124

Excellent scientific research confirming Dr. Gerson's discoveries...

In the late '70's the physicist, mathematician and biophysicist Freeman Widener Cope, MD, wrote in a paper,
"The high potassium, low sodium diet of the Gerson Therapy has been observed experimentally to cure many cases of advanced cancer in man."

In another paper, Cope stated that, in cell damage of any kind, the same responses may occur in cells throughout the body:
'First the cell will lose potassium, second the cell will accept sodium, and third, the cell will swell with too much water (cellular edema).  When the cell has swollen with too much water, energy production is inhibited, along with protein synthesis and lipid (fat) metabolism.  Gerson was able to manipulate tissue damage syndrome, which he recognized clinically in the 1920's, by his dietary management, eliminating sodium, supplementing a high potassium diet with additional potassium amendments and finding a way to remove toxins from the body via the liver." (Emphasis added.)
This is a remarkably concise justification of all of Dr. Gerson's methods, including the strict restriction of protein and fat, which the damaged cell cannot handle, the reason for increased potassium intake and the need for liver detoxification.

In 1988, Patricia Spain Ward, campus historian of the University of Illinois, Chicago, presented an excellent monograph on the Gerson Therapy, under contract to the US Office of Technology Assessment. Although her study is not based on new research, it is worth including for its thoroughness and clarity.
Describing Dr. Gerson as "a scholar's scholar and a superlative observer of clinical phenomena", Dr. Ward reported her observation that patients on a high-potassium, low-sodium diet excreted enormous amounts of sodium in their urine and that, by eliminating animal protein from the diet, this amount was increased. She added, "The medical insistence on large quantities of protein, Gerson showed, was wrong and he stopped the administration of dietary animal proteins for at least six to eight weeks."

Max Gerson, M.D. was born in Wongrowitz, Germany (1881). He attended the universities of Breslau, Wuerzburg, Berlin, and Freiburg. Suffering from severe migraines, Dr. Gerson focused his initial experimentation with diet on preventing his headaches. One of Dr. Gerson’s patients discovered in the course of his treatment, that the “migraine diet” had cured his skin tuberculosis. This discovery led Gerson to further study the diet, and he went on to successfully treat many tuberculosis patients. His work eventually came to the attention of famed thoracic surgeon, Ferdinand Sauerbruch, M.D.

Under Sauerbruch’s supervision, Dr. Gerson established a special skin tuberculosis treatment program at the Munich University Hospital. In a carefully monitored clinical trial, 446 out of 450 skin tuberculosis patients treated with the Gerson diet recovered completely. Dr. Sauerbruch and Dr. Gerson simultaneously published articles in a dozen of the world’s leading medical journals, establishing the Gerson treatment as the first cure for skin tuberculosis.

At this time, Dr. Gerson attracted the friendship of Nobel prize winner Albert Schweitzer, M.D., by curing Schweitzer’s wife of lung tuberculosis after all conventional treatments had failed. Gerson and Schweitzer remained friends for life, and maintained regular correspondence. Dr. Schweitzer followed Gerson’s progress as the dietary therapy was successfully applied to heart disease, kidney failure, and finally – cancer. Schweitzer’s own Type II diabetes was cured by treatment with Gerson’s therapy.

In 1938, Dr. Gerson passed his boards and was licensed to practice in the state of New York. For twenty years, he treated hundreds of cancer patients who had been given up to die after all conventional treatments had failed.

In 1946, Gerson demonstrated recovered patients before the Pepper-Neely Congressional Subcommittee, during hearings on a bill to fund research into cancer treatment. Although only a few peer-reviewed journals were receptive to Gerson’s then “radical” idea that diet could effect health, he continued to publish articles on his therapy and case histories of healed patients.

In 1958, after thirty years of clinical experimentation, Gerson published A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases. This medical monograph details the theories, treatment, and results achieved by a great physician. Gerson died in 1959, eulogized by long-time friend, Albert Schweitzer M.D.: “...I see in him one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine. Many of his basic ideas have been adopted without having his name connected with them. Yet, he has achieved more than seemed possible under adverse conditions. He leaves a legacy which commands attention and which will assure him his due place. Those whom he has cured will now attest to the truth of his ideas.”

Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg
1931 Nobel Prize Winner
The Real Cause of Cancer

Dr Otto Warburg discovered the real cause of cancer in 1923 and he received the Nobel Prize for doing so in 1931. Dr Warburg was director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute (now Max Planck Institute) for cell physiology at Berlin. He investigated the metabolism of tumors and the respiration of cells, particularly cancer cells.

“Cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline. Water splits into H+ and OH- ions, if there is an access of H+, it is acidic; if there is an access of OH- ions, then it is alkaline.”

In his work The Metabolism of Tumours he demonstrated that all forms of cancer are characterized by two basic conditions: acidosis and hypoxia (lack of oxygen). Lack of oxygen and acidosis are two sides of the same coin: where you have one, you have the other.

"All normal cells have an absolute requirement for oxygen, but cancer cells can live without oxygen - a rule without exception." - Dr. Otto Warburg

"Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous." Otto Warburg.

Dr Warburg has made it clear that the prime cause of cancer is oxygen deficiency (brought about by Toxemia). Dr Warburg discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic (do not breathe oxygen) and cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen.

The following list summarizes selected foods containing high levels of potassium, as measured by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

High Potassium Foods

Daily Recommended Potassium ( K)= 3,500 mg; Too much= 18,000 mg


NDB Ref#

Food Group


measure mgs






15192 Cod 439 85 3 oz.
15037 Halibut 490 85 3 oz.
15086 Salmon 319 85 3 oz.
15241 Trout 375 85 3 oz.
15221 Tuna-fresh (cooked) 484 85 3 oz.
09032 Apricots, dried 814 70 10 med.
09038 Avocados 540 85 3 oz.
09040 Banana 467 118 1 med.
09087 Dates 542 83 10
09094 Figs, dried 542 76 4
09148 Kiwi 252 76 1 med.
09181 Melon, cantaloupe 494 160 1 cup
09200 Orange 237 131 1 med.
09298 Raisins 544 73 1/2 cup
09326 Watermelon 176 152 1 cup
11655 Carrot Juice-canned 689 236 1 cup
09206 Orange Juice 496 248 1 cup
09294 Prune Juice 707 256 1 cup
11540 Tomato Juice 535 243 1 cup
12061 Almonds 412 57 2 oz.
12078 Brazil Nuts 340 57 2 oz.
19305 Molasses-Blackstrap 498 20 1 Tblspn
11008 Artichoke 595 168 1 cup
Beans, Baked 752 254 1 cup
16033 Beans, Kidney 713 177 1 cup
16072 Beans, Lima 955 188 1 cup
16043 Beans, Pinto 800 171 1 cup
16103 Beans, Refried 673 252 1 cup
16051 Beans, White 1,189 262 1 cup
11087 Beet Greens 1,309 144 1 cup
11192 Black-Eyed Peas 690 165 1 cup
11091 Broccoli 456 156 1 cup
11101 Brussel Sprouts 504 155 1 cup
11125 Carrots 354 156 1 cup
16057 Chick Peas 477 164 1 cup
16006 Jerusalem Artichokes 644 150 1 cup
16070 Lentils 731 198 1 cup
11299 Parsnips 573 156 1 cup
11458 Spinach 839 180 1 cup
11644 Squash, Winter 896 205 1 cup
11508 Sweet Potatoes-w/skin 508 146 1 cup most in skin
11674 Potatoes-w/skin 1,081 202 most in skin
11529 Tomatoes, Raw,Red, Ripe 400 180 1 cup
11533 Tomatoes, Canned, Stewed 528 255 1 cup

Source: USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference
Daily Recommended Potassium ( K): 3,500 mg . . . Too much: 18,000 mg
Daily Recommended Sodium . . (Na): 1,000 mg . . . Too much: 2,400 mg

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