Hair Loss / Gray Hair

I (Jeanne) am 58 years old, I never dyed my hair and I have about 35 gray hairs. Also, my hair is not falling out. I believe it is not a coincidence, nor do my hair stylists, and some of my clients that are doctors, estheticians, healthcare practitioners, etc. If you see my bio on the "about us" page, you will see how I was raised; very healthy. And I have been fasting & colon cleansing basically all my life. I have 2 brothers & a sister. We are all close in age; my sister is younger (42) & my brothers are older (45 & 46). Unfortunately, my siblings didn't cleanse anywhere near as much as I have.  Also, I have always taken the Vitratox products on a regular basis (throughout college till today), especially the Bentonite, Intestinal Cleanser, Greenlife, Whole Beet Plant Juice Tabs & Wheat Germ / Flax Seed Oil caps, whereas they didn't.

Here's a few facts on hair loss & gray hair ... but basically I am giving you my opinion from experience.

Gray Hair: According to Wikipedia, "All natural hair colours are the result of two types of hair pigment. Both these pigments are a type of melanin produced inside the hair follicle: Phaeomelanin is responsible for the yellowish-blond to red colors and Eumelanin is responsible for the brown to black shades. Gray hair occurs when these melanin molecules are no longer produced, so there is no pigment left to colour the hair naturally." 

Hair loss / balding usually occurs at around 30-40 years of age.

According to my hair stylists, my hair is very healthy for my age & they want to know what I use. They also can't believe my hair color is not from dyeing it. The average person is graying somewhere in their 30's today. They say I don't have the hair of a 44 year old.  Since they work with hair all the time, they should know what the hair of an average 44 year old female looks like.

So I don't want to compare myself to the average female, but to my brothers & sister who were raised as I was. Now just for the record, their hair is, in my opinion, less gray than the average person in their 40's...but it's A LOT more than I have..because I only have about 5! A few people gave that information to's not coming from me! Hehehe! I know it's rather funny what I'm saying, but I believe the health of my hair is completely related to the detoxification programs I have done throughout the years (doing 7 & 8 day colon cleansing fast at least 2 times per year since I was 17, not to mention the shorter cleanses I did yearly before then) &...taking my Greenlife & Whole Beet Plant Juice Tablets or juicing with fresh quality greens & beets. 

Here's some good news that I believe: many holistic doctors say genetics is only about 20% of our problem. Diet & the environment is the rest, which means there is a very good possibililty we can help prolong our youth in many ways. Some people say gray hair can be caused by a lack of minerals. The Vitratox whole foods supplements are rich in minerals... see the products page of this website.

Also, I'd like to say an interesting observation in my family. The majority of men in our family have lost a lot of their hair in their late 20's & 30's, including my father. This is not the case for my brother's however. Their hair is thinning a little, but they still have a good head of hair compared to most of the men in the family. I don't think it is a coincidence. I'm happy to say that in the last decade, my siblings have been cleansing more and taking their Vitratox whole food supplements on a more regular basis. Now we can all be the great result of a life lived with whole foods & colon cleansing!

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