Finally! A cleansing therapy that cleanses the body of debris at the cellular level. This gentle and relaxing process involves a hand-held infrared wand that runs over the body to release toxins from the lymph nodes (over 600) located throughout the human body.

The human body has 2 fluid systems:1 is our BLOOD which has a pump...the heart. The 2nd is our LYMPH fluid, but it doesn't have a pump.

Some simple ways to stimulate ("pump") the lymphatic system is: 

  • Deep breathing-Hot Yoga is great!
  • Rebounder-5 minutes or more of gentle jumping on a trampoline.
  • Skin Brushing with a dry, natural bristle brush. Do it just before a shower. Takes about 5 minutes.

Cleansing and unblocking the lymphatic system using Lymphatic Drainage Therapy improves your general health, strengthens the immune system and increases overall energy.

This cleansing is achieved through a technology known as vibrational science It uses the science of Quantum Thermodynamics.  The applications are a safe and effective tool for detoxification of a sluggish lymphatic system.

The following conditions are reported to greatly improve using Lymphatic Drainage Therapy:

Allergies           Chronic Constipation    Migraine Headaches
Arthritis            Chronic Fatigue            PID   
Asthma            Colitis                           Scar Tissue   
Bronchitis         Hepatitis C                   Sciatica
Cellulite            Lymphedema               Teeth & Gum Problems
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome                      TMJ

“There are pressure differentials that either inhibit or enhance the natural flow of the lymphatic system.  By cleaning out the lymphatic system, you enhance the natural system of the body so the body can heal itself.  We can only help the body to help itself.  All the healing has to be done by the body.”  Dr. Simon de Montefort, inventor of the Bio-Electric Lymphatic instrument we use in our therapy.

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