Testimonials: Colonics & Colon Cleansing

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with people who have had, in my opinion, an unbelievable variety of health challenges. Despite the number of successes I've witnessed in the past, I can never predict what will take place with my next client.  Every time someone has extraordinary results after colon cleansing, I am encouraged in my own health path and strengthened in my understanding of the human body and what it can do.

Here are some of my favorite testimonials...I hope they will encourage you!  I look forward to cleansing with you so that you may have your own powerful testimony!

 Client Referral List
There are many clients who are happy to share their 8-Day Colon Cleansing experience with those of you considering cleansing with us for your own health care. If you would like to speak with one of our clients, please call Waters Of Life Cleansing & Renewal at 714-472-5617 for contact information.


Rheumatologist - Arthur E. Brawer, M.D. said, “Colon hydrotherapy eliminates from the bowel the repository of accumulated waste material which may disadvantageously get absorbed. If this absorption takes place, it overwhelms the other purification organs such as the liver, the kidneys, the skin, and the lungs. The toxin deposition which becomes lodged throughout the body’s tissues and cells becomes capable of triggering a variety of illnesses.” 

Taken from Townsend Letter For Doctors & Patients, Aug / Sept 2000 (#205/206)
"Value of Colon Hydrotherapy Verified by Medical Professionals Prescribing It", by Morton Walker, DPM, page 4

1. Bill G from CA (Age 54) - High Blood Pressure, Arrythmia, Headaches... I am a man with a history of high blood pressure and a poor diet. I began taking Excedrin when I was 16 because of pain from tooth decay and became dependent upon it. My elevated blood pressure was also a cause of recurring head pain. Eventually, it reached the dangerous level of 191/119 and would not come down. I also had arrhythmia, and when I went to bed every night, my chest would hurt and pound for 5-10 minutes before I fell asleep. I was fearful that a heart attack lay ahead of me. I decided to go on the 8-Day Detox Program with a liver cleanse at the end and I am very happy to testify that from that day on, my blood pressure returned to a normal, healthy level and, more importantly, has stayed down.  I have had no more arrhythmia and no more heart pounding.  As a result, I also discontinued my use of Excedrin, because I no longer had headaches.  I came to realize that fasting with a cleansing program, in conjunction with colonics is the way to go (as opposed to just colonics)... Click here to read entire testimonial

2. SG from CA (Age 45 ) - Graves Disease, need of Hysterectomy...The first colon cleanse began April 2004.  It was 8 days with a 1 day liver/gallbladder flush on the 8th day.  The benefits were immediate. The heart palpitations disappeared, my hair began to grow, mood swings became less and less, and the severe menstrual bleeding disappeared.  The cramping and bleeding that had previously been so severe that a hysterectomy was my only solution was now not needed.  The cyst in my left ovary was gone.  All the problems associated with Graves Disease were gone. Blood tests taken February 2005 confirmed that the 8-day colon hydrotherapy cleanses had accomplished the impossible. The Endocrinologist stated that according to all the blood tests I no longer had Graves Disease.  I know that the series of 8-day colon cleanses and good nutrition are the reasons I no longer suffer with Graves Disease...   Click here to read entire testimonial  

3. SR from CA (Age 55) - Interstitial Cystitis, Fibroid, Hypothyroid...For the past 5 years, my health had been slowly deteriorating, with my thyroid slowing down and needing medication, a grapefruit sized uterine fibroid, and an overall feeling that “something wasn’t right”. I felt tired, bloated, gaining weight and losing interest in life. ... My bladder was giving me huge problems and frequently would simply not work, leading to trips to the emergency room for a catheterization. After cleansing my colon with Jeanne, I had another blood test, and the doctor said I needed to decrease the amount of thyroid medication by one-third! Also, the fibroids had shrunk drastically and my bladder, which on a scale of 1 (bad) to 10 (normal) was about a 3 before the cleanse, had improved to about an 8...And all of this in just 8 days!... Click here to read entire testimonial

4. SM from NJ (Age 48) - Asthma, allergies, snoring, deviated septum... I was in my mid 40’s.  I suffered from asthma & allergies all my life.
It was especially hard because I also had a deviated septum causing me to snore. Many things, including allergens would trigger an attack for me.
I did 3 of the 8-Day cleanses in 9 months. After the 1st cleanse, I felt ten years younger & haven’t had to renew my inhaler again… That was ten years ago! After my 3rd colon cleanse, even my snoring went away! I thank God...that I no longer suffer from allergies or asthma attacks!  S.M.

5. JD, from NY (Age 39) - Doctor said she couldn't have children... I just want to say thank you for everything you have done for me and my family. I really believe that the 8-Day Cleansing Program changed my life. My husband and I were trying to have a baby for THREE YEARS! We spent thousands of dollars in infertility. The doctor (at the best hospital in NYC) told me I couldn't have children. We went on the program together and llistened to everything you told us. We got as healthy as we could and now we have 2 beautiful and very healthy boys. And we feel great and healthy too. Thank you for all the knowledge &  support during the cleanse and beyond. I have recommended Waters of Life Cleansing to many friends (who have also had positive results) and will continue to do so. I truly believe the cleanse is why we have a family today. Thank you.

6. AT from CA (Age 43) - SEVERE CONSTIPATION; DOCTOR RECOMMENDED REMOVING HER COLON... For most of my life, I remember that having one bowel movement a week was “normal” for me.  Eventually it got to 1 BM every 2 weeks & was like that for a while... I have very low energy & could not figure out how to get my energy level up. I saw a Gastroenterologist & had a colonoscopy but he couldn’t see much.  I also had a Transit test, a Catscan, and many other tests.  He determined that I had serious nerve damage because when I was 3, I had surgery on my colon… part of it was cauterized.
The Gastroenterologist and Surgeon couldn’t figure out how to fix the problem so they recommended that I remove my colon.  I said I wasn’t going to remove my colon and that I would find an alternative answer. Then I began colon hydrotherapy.  In 1 year I did 2 - 8-Day colon cleanses with Jeanne. I changed my diet, did monthly colonics, and took the products from the cleanse daily! I began having BM's a few times a week to every other day. I went to see my Gastroenterologist for a colonoscopy immediately after my 3rd cleanse & he said my colon was squeaky clean, no polyps, diverticuli or cancer...
Click here to read entire testimonial

7. CG from CA (Age 31) - 3 Inch Cyst on Ovary... I was scheduled for an ovarian cyst removal in mid-May 2006.  I was hesitating but it was growing and giving me major discomfort in my daily life.  The option the OBGYN gave me was surgery or wait for it to burst.  The cyst bursting sounded painful so I opted for outpatient surgery.  I had suffered from severe constipation in my last hospital procedure so I thought that by maybe having a few colonics before surgery  would alleviate the problem of that and one less thing to worry about.  Five days before going into surgery, I went in for a colonic appointment with Jeanne.  I went in believing that I could at least find some comfort in this uncomfortable procedure but what I left with was more than I ever expected.  I realized that my OBGYN’s option was to solve the effect by removing the cyst so I decided to postpone my surgery.  My doctor was skeptical of what I wanted to do and had advised me to schedule another ultrasound in a month.  Then I could decide if I wanted to schedule another surgery. The following week after my colon cleanse I went in for my ultrasound and the results were shocking to me and everyone else.  I had no cyst on my right ovary. Also, I was no longer feeling the discomfort that I was experiencing for the previous months...I am cyst free!  Click here to read entire testimonial   

8. Frank C from CA (Age 57) - LOW ENERGY, JOINT PAIN, WEIGHT LOSS... I am doing well. It has been a year & a half since I did the 8 Day Cleansing program. I wanted to share with you the effect it had on my health & life. 

I was 57 years old, 6 feet, weighing 295 pounds. I was tired all the time, having pains in my joints & hips & high cholesterol. I was feeling bad & didn't even want to go to my job as a youth pastor (that I love doing), because I did not feel I could give the kids the quality that I felt they deserved. My best was lacking at the time, & I was ready to quit the ministry (which no one knew at the time). Just then, one of my fellow pastors suggested I do an 8 Day Cleanse. I thought, "Why not? But I am NOT going to change the way I eat. I'll do it for 8 days. What could it hurt?" So I went into this not thinking about changing anything.
Well, during the hour I went in those eight days for the cleansing, Jeanne talked about the foods that people consume. The knowledge & insight she gave me rocked my world. It was very insightful & interesting learning about that which I had no idea.
At the end of the 8 day cleansing, I had lost 18 pounds. I felt wonderful, clear headed, and inspired. I decided that I will give the healthy eating a try, not knowing if it would last.
I am at the point now that I eat healthy, but occasionally will treat myself to some foods that are not on my healthy list. Loving life and the ministry WITH NO MOREcholesterol pills, or hip or joint pain. The doctor said my blood pressure is excellent, it's like a teenager! Although I did lose 100 pounds, & I was down to 195 pounds, about 6 months ago I deviated from the total healthy eating. I am now 225 pounds and have maintained that for the past 6 months now.
Well, I have lost 70 pounds total as I weigh in now. I do plan to do another body cleanse and have a goal of dropping another 25 to 35 pounds and stay steady at 190- 200 pounds.

9. Kurt Y from Los Alamitos, CA - GALLBLADDER ATTACK (GALLSTONES), SEVERE PAIN ON RIGHT SIDE…. First of all, I want to say what a blessing Jeanne and Steve have been to me through this whole process. There ongoing communication was invaluable! So here we go, on Jan. 30th, 2019 I had severe pain on my right side (10 plus) and told it was my Gallbladder. I later found out I had a Gallstone causing all this pain. The doctor said typically we just cut out the Gallbladder and the pain stops. WHAT! You got to be kidding! Cut, cut, snip, snip and your good!! I thought there's got to be another way. So I called Jeanne and told her that I had started a Liver/ Gallbladder flush drinking apple juice and eating apples. That week I started Colonic therapy to hopefully get rid of my Gallstone. I finished on Friday and on Monday I did a repeat ultra sound and the technician said no Gallstones!! The other technician behind her said let me look at it and he scanned me and said I don't see any Stones either!! Praise God! Remember they had the old scan which showed my Gallstone, so they could see it was there. Not only do I not have any Gallstones, but more importantly I have my Gallbladder!!! Hope this will help someone else facing the same situation and know theres options for you . Thank you so much, May the Lord bless you!


(2nd Review) I completed my second colon cleanse a couple months ago and had another amazing experience. This time, I took tests before and after, and the results were ASTOUNDING. The first test I did was bloodwork. I did bloodwork immediately before and immediately after the cleanse. Before the cleanse, my total cholesterol was 236 (high) and my LDL was 144 (also high). I had NO idea that I had high cholesterol, as I am 29 years old and what most people (and myself) would consider a healthy eater. I was also exercising pretty regularly, but probably eating too much bacon and red meat (paleo isn't so healthy after all, I guess?!).

After the cleanse, I did bloodwork again. My doctor said she had to triple check the results because she could not believe it. Not only was my LDL LOW, but MY TOTAL CHOLESTEROL DROPPED NEARLY 100 POINTS!!!!!! After completing the cleanse, the tests also revealed lower CRP (which indicates risk for a cardiac event) and better kidney filtration.

The second test I did was body fat. At my local gym, they have a very high tech body fat measurement machine (bioelectrical impedance), the same one the NFL uses. I tested the day before starting my cleanse at 31.3% total body fat. To put in perspective, 32% is at risk for diabetes, cardiac events, etc. I did the test again, the day I ended the cleanse, and it dropped to 28.4%!!!!  Any trainer or nutritionist will tell you that a 3% drop in total body fat within 8 days is unheard of. I could not believe my eyes.

What's even crazier was the actual amount of fat that came off me - 6.5 lbs lost, and only 0.5 lbs of lean muscle lost. This for me spoke volumes as to how this is truly good for your body and that it is ridding itself of the toxins and fat that store it. My husband has been resistant to doing this cleanse because he is afraid of losing muscle, but this made him a believer.

I would strongly suggest this cleanse for anyone who is feeling sluggish, tired, lacking energy, having brain fog, or simply knows they could look and feel better. I even had some eczema patches that this cleanse got rid of.

This cleanse will put you on the path to health! It is an investment in YOU!

Finally, I have to thank Jeanne and Kellie for being such a pleasure to spend 45 mins with for 8 days straight. They are both so professional and knowledgeable and I truly feel that I owe my health to them. I have colon cancer on both sides of my family, and this cleanse makes me feel as though I am in control of preventing it!

Next I am going to do Jeanne's probiotic program to rebuild my gut flora. Can't wait to start this!

(1st Review) I began going to Jeanne thanks to her great Yelp reviews, so I figured I ought to pay it forward and give my own glowing review.

I had never gotten a colonic before, and went because I felt absolutely horrible. Jeanne really got me back on the path to wellness. 

I recently completed her colon, liver and gallbladder cleanse (8 days in total with colonics) and I feel like a new person! It was absolutely incredible the toxins that she helped me to release. 

Also, this procedure REMOVES GALLSTONES, which you'd otherwise have to get surgically removed.  I am a healthy 27 year old and was amazed at how much toxic build up I had... I truly believed that Jeanne added years to my life and will continue to do this cleanse every 6 months for maintenance. 

I also did ear candling during my cleanse and was very pleased with the experience and efficacy of this method. It was my first time and I will definitely continue to do this as well. Jeanne is incredibly knowledgeable about wellness and I strongly encourage anyone who feels they need to make a change to go see her! Her other associates, Crystal and Alma, are wonderful as well and incredibly professional. I am a total evangelist for WOL and can't say enough about what a wonderful change they've made in my overall health and wellness!

Also, check out her filtered reviews. Total shame these are hidden. 18 more five star reviews and they speak for themselves!

11. David R from CA (Age 45 ) - High cholesterol, 10% obstruction in arteries... Jan 11, 2008 - Two years ago my cholesterol levels where at 230 - 240 and my bad cholesterol was too high and the good too low.  My doctor wanted to give me lipitor and I had a 10 percent obstruction of the arteries.  I did not want to go on the lipitor because every thing I have read points to damage of the liver.  My doctor kept on insisting I should.  What I told him is to give me 3 or 4 months to look for an alternative. I decided to do an 8 day colon cleanse with a liver/gallbladder cleanse at the end.  After the cleanse I felt substantially better and lighter. My skin felt healthier and I dropped 20 pounds.
Two weeks later I had a physical with my doctor; the results were unbelievable.  My doctor could not understand that my overall cholesterol dropped to 158 and my ratio was within normal ranges.  I told him what I did and he said he wished he could recommend it to his patients but because of liability restriction he could not. But he would monitor my progress.  Two years have gone by and I have done 1 colon cleanse per year, my average cholesterol is 180 and my obstruction has dropped to less than 5 percent.  I have not gained any of the old weight back.  I am eating better but have not changed my diet substantially.
I believe all people should have a cleanse at least once a year for health purposes, preferably more often.  I understand time is always a factor. D.R.


(2nd Review) This is an update to previous review. I decided to give their 8 day colon/liver cleanse a try since my liver enzymes had been reading high even after ruling out other viruses and fatty liver. Best decision ever! I saw Jeanne for most of my colonics and besides being a sweet person, she is a wealth of health information! Being brought up in a healthy lifestyle since childhood she has a lot of life experience in natural healing. I benefited greatly from her knowledge and have learned the wonders on bentonite clay! I'm so grateful to know how to help my body purge toxins naturally now!

So back to the cleanse. I had blood work done a couple weeks later and not only were my liver enzymes reading normal again, but my cholesterol dropped significantly! I'm no longer at risk anymore. I highly recommend investing in your health and doing the cleanse. It truly is life changing. I tell all my friends and family because I love them and want them to live a long painful and rich life. I see this as the golden ticket. It's something I plan doing on a regular basis as a part of my health maintenance. 

If I could them give 6 stars I would!  *****

(1st Review) I’m so happy to have found this place! I saw Kelly today for a colonic and it went better than expected! I was really backed up so afterwards the relief I felt was amazing! Like a new person: no bloating or nausea and much more energy. I was so fatigued prior to this visit. Anyway Kelly was super helpful and a great listener with great advice to give. I like that they are an advocate for natural health in general. Although she did not try to push any products on me I was curious about what they had, as I'm interested in attaining optimal health. They have a bunch of high quality supplements if a person is interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

They are my new go to place for colonics. I will be back and would refer them to all my family and friends.

13. Alex H from Irvine, CA - UNHAPPY LIVER … This is to all the men out there. I am in my mid forties and travel almost every week. With a stressful lifestyle come not so wise nutrition joices, eating at airports and sacrificing my liver during long customer dinners. My bloodwork speaks for itself.

A little over a year ago I decided to cleanse and give my liver a break. I did some liver cleanses at home that went a ok until I found out that a colonic makes everything easier. That's when I went to see Jeanne (based on her Yelp reviews)

3-4 times a year whenever my schedule allows me to stay put for a week or two I go on a cleanse (8 day juice fasting) see Jeanne and feel like a new person.

Once you have seen and understood movies like Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead or Forks Over Knives, you will understand that all health and disease is originating from the gut.  

Even if you don't travel try this cleanse, detox and invest in your health. 

I trust Jeanne 100% and if you don't have a great time while you are there, I really can't help you.

Try it and you will believe.

14. KS from CA - IBS (Iritable Bowel Syndrome), severe gas & bloating... August 4, 2005 -Seven years ago I was told by my doctor I had IBS. I walked out of the office feeling confused and angry that I would never live a normal and healthy lifestyle.  I was given a prescription called Zelnorm and told there was no cure for what I had.  This did nothing for me.  How could a drug for IBS be used when the first side effect is constipation?  I tried every “quick fix" remedy I could find, including laxatives.   My IBS worsened to a point to where I was only having a bowel movement once a month.  I felt horrible, tired, and sick and my clothes wouldn't fit me at the end of the day because my stomach was too bloated.  I had severe gas and would make excuses to stay home. I feel that IBS robbed me of my 20's. I did this way too long and knew that if I didn't take action I would die from this. I started to do research on holistic healing. I owed this to my body. After doing the 8 day colon cleanse I have had bowel movements everyday.  I have lost 10 pounds.  I no longer suffer from gas or bloating.  I wake up feeling rested and I have so much energy throughout the entire day.  I knew I would never want this to go away, so I have changed my diet. I eat only natural and organic foods. I have eliminated all artificial flavors, colors, dairy, red meat, white flour and caffeine.  I recommend this to all.  It has truly saved my life. K.S.

15. Veronica C from San Diego, CA -
RELIEF FROM IBS! NO MEDICATION and NO MORE PAIN!! ... I simply cannot thank Jeanne enough for helping me rid myself of an ailment that doctors said would plague me for life! After changing my diet, being tested for food allergies (all of which were ruled out), exercising regularly, following all of the doctors orders for living a "healthy, clean lifestyle," I couldn't kick this problem.  I thought for sure that I would be condemned to a life of medication and constant abdominal pain.  The abdominal pain was debilitating, having dinner at a nice restaurant was no longer something I looked forward to.  In fact, eating in general gave me anxiety because I knew what type of pain I'd be facing shortly thereafter.  I was determined to find a solution.  

Having suffered severe abdominal cramping and digestive issues at nearly EVERY meal for almost 4 months I finally found hope ... that hope was Jeanne.  Aside from her being a wealth of knowledge and information on healthy, holistic living, she is very kind.  The cleanse and the colonics brought me what felt like IMMEDIATE relief.  I cannot begin to express my gratitude for this process as I feel as though I have regained control of my body!  

Jeanne is simply wonderful, exuding utmost professionalism and care during every step of the process.  She made sure I was very comfortable at every turn.  She was also available to me when I had questions relative to the healthy changes that had been made within my body to sustain long-term, optimal results.  I highly recommend Jeanne at Waters of Life Cleansing to anyone diagnosed with IBS.  

NO medication and NO MORE PAIN!  Thank you, Jeanne!!!

16. Tamara H from Santa Ana, CA (Age 25) - CHRONIC UTI'S, CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME & SEVERE DEPRESSION & ANXIETY ... I have been suffering from chronic UTIs, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and major depression/anxiety-and the 8 day cleanse has helped to diminish if not eliminate my symptoms.  This cleanse truly changed my life. I decided to do the cleanse after not finding relief from years and years of going to doctors/psychiatrists and trying tons of different medications. I came into the office extremely tired, bloated, and mentally at a breaking point and came out with way more energy, 17 pounds lost, and a calmer/clearer mental state. 

Jeanne and Kellie are amazing and I am so glad that I have met them! They make the cleansing process and colonics comfortable while maintaining professional. Both Jeanne and Kellie go above and beyond to make sure that you feel supported during the cleanse and are both  very knowledgeable about medical conditions, the human body, and overall health and wellbeing. I have walked away from this cleanse feeling confident in my ability to maintain my symptoms naturally-and that in itself is priceless!

17. Cathy from CA - (12 yr old son) - CONSTIPATION (IMPACTED STOOL); colonics & cleansing was the answer... An x-ray taken 2 and a half years ago revealed that our now 12-year-old son had impacted stool all the way to the right lobe of his liver and it showed that his colon was very distended. In the time since then, we took him to several doctors and followed their protocols, with very disappointing results. One specialist told my husband and I that our son might need to be hospitalized for at least three days with an IV drip to clean him out. This was not something we wanted him to go through, so we kept plodding along, researching, trying various other protocols, supplements, etc., again, with marginal success. Recently, when a chiropractor mentioned that we should consider colonics, we were intrigued, but uncertain, since we had never heard the word "colonic" before. My husband and I researched the topic online, found it to be safe and effective, so decided to check into it more closely, hoping this could be our answer at last. I called Waters of Life Cleansing and while I was talking with Jeanne, I just knew we had found the right person for our son. She was so knowledgeable, not only about colonics and colon cleansing, but about other heath-related issues, as well. Our son did the 7 day colon cleanse with colonics, and had amazing, amazing results! It was astounding to see what had been collecting in his colon for so many years. Our son actually looked forward to each colonic because Jeanne was so fun, encouraging, and put him totally at ease... it didn't hurt either!! I can't recommend her highly enough - she helped our son more than any doctor (and with no meds) and has such a passion to help others improve their health. Moreover, she is a real "people-person", very caring, warm and supportive. We are very thankful for Jeanne and for the fact that our son feels better than he has in years!

18. Jennifer L. from CA - LUPUS, JOINT PAIN... 4/2011 - I started searching for a cleansing place because I have Lupus and was in the middle of a "flare". I knew that I could heal that flare with removing toxins, and I am so tired of visiting my Dr just to have him write a prescription to mask the pain.
I found Jeanne Martin, I started with just one colonic, then she told me about the "cleanse". Although I was unsure for how long I could really do a cleanse, I dove right in.  I felt amazing after the first day. I woke up and my hands and feet didn't hurt.
Each day as I went on I could feel the difference.  So many little things started changing within me, and I realize all this time how "Toxic" I have been.  I am so glad I found Jeanne, she is very understanding, listens, and gently encourages you.
If you haven't done this, YOU SHOULD! I am going to encourage all my Pilates clients to do this for themselves!

19. Crystal from CA (Age 23) - BLOATING, LEAKY GUT, & ACNE...I went to Jeanne not knowing what to expect of the process. When I showed up she was so sweet and honest and very informative, making me feel very comfortable with my decision to move forward with the cleanse. I had been dealing with mild acne that is just enough to be a nuisance and constant bloating. I eat a raw vegan diet already and felt not 100% and heard great things about cleaning out the colon and liver to feel more optimal health. Each day of the cleanse, seeing what was being released was more than astonishing, since I was not consuming anything but juices and supplements. It was visible proof that my body was releasing toxins and waste that I had felt "weighing" me down emotionally. The last day which was the liver cleanse was incredible and absolutely worth it, for anyone possibly thinking of skipping it. So much toxicity was released through the colonic. I continued on another week of juice fasting to heal my leaky gut and give my digestion a rest. Initially I was going to do the 21 day juice fast, but listened to my body and found that 14 days was a successful time frame for my body. My skin has improved and will continue to only get better with the right tools. My bloating has gone down and feel that now incorporating fiber back into my diet with lots of greens, it will help peristalsis and help with more elimination. Jeanne is such a kind soul, who is driven by helping others. I always felt from her a friend, rather than just someone to see for a cleansing program.She was always and still is there when I text/call her and with no hesitation to help. I will not see anyone but her for future colonics, and would recommend colonics to anyone not feeling their best!! Colonics, Green Juice, and fruits and veggie fiber are great tools for a healthy colon :)   -Crystal

20. Ryan H from Irvine, CA- BI- POLAR, BLOATED, SLOW DIGESTION ...- Going to see Jeanne Martin at Waters of Life, Cleansing and Renewal ranks as the top healthcare procedure I have done to date!  Jeanne Martin is the absolute best in her practice!  I made the decision to do the full 8 day cleansing program after reviewing and speaking with her directly.  I am eternally grateful for her services!  You'll notice many of the reviews written by her patients have helped solve or alleviate many of the issues plaguing their lives.  I have been taking medication for Bi-Polar disorder for the last several years which put a halt on my metabolism greatly.  Also looking back, I recognize many of my issues related to being Bi-Polar was caused by many other factors.  I am an avid exerciser, but had issues losing weight and joint inflammation which overtime debilitated me even from walking.  I was irregular, constipated for days on end, dependant on laxatives, and couldn't sleep. I tried all sorts of natural remedies and supplements to alleviate my symptoms but none worked.  After seeing multiple health practitioners, nutritionists, and psychiatrists with no help, my conditions only worsened so I decided to pursue colonics.  After ONLY my second treatment, I felt immediate relief from my joint pain and my inflammation had decreased substantially.  After the 4th and 5th treatment, I started to sleep for the first time since childhood, a full nights rest!  I lost 16 lbs in the process and continued to lose another 11 in the two months following.  At the end of my treatment and to this day, I am completely regular and have followed up extremely well on her follow up plan!  From my experience, my cleanse through at Waters of Life changed my life dramatically!  Also, Jeanne took ample time to educate me not just on the benefits of colonics, but to advise me on how to live a healthy lifestyle through proper diet etc.
I referred my wife to see Jeanne as well who has didn't have nearly the amount of health issues I did.  She also did the full cleanse with Jeanne Martin and her health has increased!  She has more energy, sleeps much better, and also has made significant choices with diet and food.  Nevertheless, Waters of Life enhanced our marriage as well.  Together now, we are both healthy and on the same page with all of our health needs.  This is a wonderful opportunity for individuals with mental health issues, persons on toxic medications, have diet, sleep, constipation and energy issues.  It's also a great choice for those think they feel fine, but don't realize that they can feel much much better!  Thank you Waters of Life!

21. Keesha E from Bellflower, CA - SEVERE IMBALANCED HORMONES, POOR SLEEP, LOW ENERGY… If you are looking for a reputable, clean, and most importantly, a comfortable place to have a colonic, you have hit the jackpot.  About two months ago, I began researching companies that specialize in colonic therapy.  I have leaky gut as well as extremely imbalanced hormones and I needed a jump start. I wanted to clean my system because I did not see the benefit in taking natural medicines to heal my problems with a toxic system.  The body is designed to heal itself but I needed a push to get me started. I found a number of companies and narrowed my selection down to two companies, one being Waters of Life (WOL). 

So, what made me choose WOL? Honestly, I loved the fact that everything was laid out on the website in plain and simple English.  I don't know about anyone else, but deliver me from these companies that get you good and ready with all of the information on their site, but you have to call for pricing!!!  AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!  It's always a clear sign that that company is OVERpriced!!  What further intrigued me about WOL is their was information regarding my ailments among others and that made me feel all the more comfortable that this staff would understand my needs. I always use the analogy of choosing a hairdresser.  I'm not going to let someone put a comb through my hair if theirs is a mess. It's not happening!!

Furthermore, the Scriptures listed toward the bottom of the page completely reeled me in.  I took it as my sign from The Lord.  Now, you may not be religious or practice a faith and to each his own.  HOWEVER, when you come to visit WOL, you will not be disappointed.  I promise you the staff is SUPER sweet and accommodating.  

My first interaction with any staff was Jeanne, who is the owner.  Jeanne was sooo well informed about diseases and toxins and how they affect the body, I was in awe. Mind you, I had not even made an appointment yet and I promise you, Jeanne was my instant homegirl from around the way!!  She was so cool and I just fell in love with how honest and straight forward she was. No gimmicks or contrived conversation to get you to spend money you don't have.  I was SOLD!!

I was committed to making a new start and decided to purchase the full 7-day cleanse.  Some may say, "it cost too much" but we spend money on EVERYTHING else! INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH!!  You only get one life and you'd be surprised how better you'll feel after two days!!  I loved it and want to do another cleanse at the 6-month mark.  I still go in for maintenance (about once every other week). Note: You can stay on the cleanse for as long as you need to ensure a full detox. Had it not been my graduation weekend coming up, I DEFINITELY would've continued beyond the listed 7 days.  

Most people feel violated at the thought of anything being placed near the anus, but let me assure you, staff (Emily, Kelly, Jeanne) will make you feel so at ease!!  You actually forget that you are there to have your insides cleaned out because the conversation is always good and the time flies!!  I STRONGLY advise you to give WOL a try.  You WILL NOT be disappointed. I wish more people were aware of colonic therapy.  Most of the ailments we have can be resolved with this treatment.  I remember sleeping much better at night because before the cleanse I was not sleeping through the night.  I also noticed how white my eyes were and the pretty glow to my skin during and after my cleanse.  

Stop by to visit Jeanne and the crew.  You will enjoy the benefits (newfound health) as a result of this cleanse.  If you wanna get rid of acne, ditch the dermatologist and get this colonic.  If you want relief from arthritis, restlessness, lack of energy, etc. come visit WOL.  I'm a personal testament to how effective this treatment is!!

22. Mariann from CA- SLOW DIGESTION, BLOATED, FATIGUE, CLEARER SKIN, FLATTER TUMMY... - If you want to feel great try this! Flatter tummy, clearer skin, bye bye bloat! I am in my late 20s and was diagnosed with appendicitis in October 2008. I did not wish to have my appendix surgically removed as I have learned the appendix plays an important role in supporting your immune system. I used alternative therapies, and have not been to the hospital since. However, I know my digestion has slowed since then, and I have not been eating the greatest diet. I came to this business bloated, tired/fatigued, and nervous about the procedure, Isabel was very friendly and professional, and made me feel very comfortable. I can't stop talking about my experience with my friends, when normally this would be a difficult subject to talk about. It was so worth it and I feel so much better!! I will be back!

23. SK from Newport Beach, CA - 7 POUND WEIGHT LOSS, BRIGHTER SKIN, FELT PRETTIER, BLUE VEINS IN MY HANDS ARE GONE!… Jeanne came highly recommended to me by my holistic nutritionist who had just completed her own cleanse and who looked and felt fabulous.  She felt it would give me a boost and would enhance the excellent results I'd already achieved by following her program.  I thought I'd try it, as an added benefit to my good health regime.  I was not disappointed.  Both Jeanne, and Kelly, her co-worker, are extremely sensitive, very attentive and highly professional.  The fact that they both have a sense of humor is an added bonus!  The facility is immaculate, the environment is pleasant  and I felt I was in good hands.  Aside from the known benefits of ridding toxins from your body, I was delighted with a 7 pound weight loss. My face and skin look brighter, I felt prettier and the blue veins in my hands are gone!  Since it is a cleanse, I didn't know if I could do it just drinking special shakes and taking supplements for 7 days.  Although the process seemed daunting, I was able to complete it just by taking one day at a time.  I'd highly recommend these 2 caring professionals.

24. VC from OR - TOXIC MOLD .... If you are scared to do this, don't be. It works!.... After getting exposed to toxic mold, I fell very very ill. As a result, I became very chemically sensitive, and could not be around perfumes, paint fumes, diesel fuel, etc. I was totally shut in. Seeing my desperation, a friend of mine told me that she had gone to Jeanne on more than one occasion, and all of her friends did too. She told me about colonics, and I had heard about it before, but never took the time to understand it. In total desperation, I thought I would try it. I was scared at first. My neighbor has done colonics for years and swore by them. When my neighbor told me she passed "many feet of gunk from her trunk" at first I thought it was too much information. If she could do it and get those kinds of results, I could do it. Next thing I know, I was calling to make an appointment with Jeanne. She made me feel very comfortable, and there was no pain at all. It was just the unknown at first. I lost ten pounds doing the colon cleanse. I saw things come out of me that enabled the pain I had been suffering in my liver area / bile duct area to subside. I did not start recovering from Chemical sensitivity until I got the funk out of my own trunk via colonics. Jeanne was so informative, She made me feel very comfortable with the process. I learned some tricks of the trade from her. Go see Jeanne- who will gently get you on your way to wellness. She's the best. Don't be scared - it is a lot easier than you think.

25. AN from Laguna Hills, CA - Digestive Issues, Joint Pain, Exhausted, Swelling, Hives... Seeing Jeanne Martin at Waters of Life Cleansing and finishing her 8 Day Cleanse followed by the Liver/Gall Bladder Flush was by far the BEST move I have done in my entire life of 34 years! I tried to constantly find answers from Doctor after Doctor & Specialists for many years and still kept feeling bad and kept getting worse!  I am young and there was no reason to feel this bad so young, until I kept discovering that my own Food had become my worse enemy! Even "Healthy Foods" were not properly being processed in my own body, and that alone caused me to get worse! For years I had: Stomach pains, tremendous heart burns after eating that would last for days (as if my own stomach was being turned and very sore), Joint Pains (my entire legs, and back), Overly Exhausted (above normal), Constipation, Gas, Tremendous Bloating (even after eating certain vegetables), Swelling: feet, fingers, face, knees, joints, entire body (after eating certain foods even "healthy ones,") Irritability (of course, I'm constantly uncomfortable in my own body), had few episodes over the years where I had to go to Urgent Care because I broke out in tremendously big Hives from the size of ten cents, and collected as the size of a Corn Tortilla all over my entire body! Even Doctors and Allergist couldn't help me on that one, and said, "they were better than text books" as I showed pictures!  My life was very unhappy and frustrating not knowing what made me feel so bad for so long?! I researched and researched, had studies after studies...Not much!! I then found an Alternative M.D. and tested me further for everything imaginable! She Listened!! I had to change my Food because I had "Leaky Gut" changed my diet completely (was very hard) it's worse than "Gluten Free Diet" a lot more strict, Leaky gut can kid of interrelate Celiac Disease (which I didn't have) but it is a bit more difficult to deal with.  What I have learned, is that Most of our poor health symptoms (what ever they may be) completely and mainly START in the STOMACH and the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM and move on onwards to the rest of our organs and body from there, just making our health a lot worse!!  I have experienced it and seen relatives & friend's health worsen, from what started in one of their stomach organs!  
I was hesitant to start yet another cleanse (I have done a few from various places) but just had to try again to find an answer! So I tried Jeanne's at Waters of Life Cleansing. Well, I'm so glad I did! I have N-E-V-E-R before felt like "That was My Best" as when I was on the cleanse and after!! I had more energy than ever before, I felt level-headed, clear minded and more Alert than ever before! I was Not hungry in my stomach as I was mentally (just for comfort) the Fiber shake & Supplements have enough (is not more) calories needed to survive and feel your best! I've always hated Fiber Shakes, they usually make me feel worse & bloat me NOT this One!!! Best Fiber Shake and Supplements that I will continue to use them for as long as live!! My head did not hurt while on the cleanse, I did not feel weak, tired or hungry, or irritable!!! I felt I had met my Best self!! My joint pains, stomach pains, tiredness was GONE!! I was no longer swollen on my feet, finger or rest of my body, in fact my shoes fit better for the rest of the day! I exercised and it was the BEST CARDIO experience I ever came across!! I never felt more powerful before! I'm sure it's because my arteries, blood, heart and lungs were at their ultimate best health than ever before!! I was actually sad my Spin Class (indoor cycling) had ended and I've been taking Spin off and on since 2003 (now being 2012) I was at my ultimate best and my most powerful self in every possible way imaginable! I am taking this time to write this, because I Love Jeanne with all of my heart and am forever thankful to her and how she has been very attentive, loving and caring through my cleanse and after!! I wholeheartedly believe in this cleanse and have finally found the answers I was for ever longing! Jeanne is the Colon Hydro Therapist to go to most definitely!! She has more knowledge than I have come across! I have been to many Colon Hydro therapists in the past, and none have had near the knowledge that she has, nor ever helped me like she did! I was tired of just attending a Spa or a just another of the many Cleansing places! When I came across Jeanne's website, it felt like my Alternative Doctor's website! Very knowledgeable and informational!  She is a complete caring woman that truly cares to help, guide and offer her clients the best that they can be!! All you have to do, is keep asking her more and more questions beyond the cleanse!! Jeanne and I are friends now! She has taught me so much more that many Doctors and Specialists couldn't!!

26. Noah A (18 yrs old) Los Angeles, CA - CHS (
Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome)... Hello everyone. I am 18 years old and have been smoking weed on and off for the past year, and daily for the past 3 months. A couple of weeks ago, I started to lose my appetite, and one day, I woke up with the classic CHS symptoms (Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome): morning nausea, anxiety, sweats and bouts of vomiting. This went on for 4 days until I couldn't even keep down water, so we went to the ER and I got an IV of saline solution and antacids. It was at this point the nurse told me about CHS and I quit smoking pot immediately. The IV and antacids helped, but I still had the symptoms and a few days later I went back to the ER for another IV hydration pack and anti-nausea meds (Zofran). Again, it helped, but it didn't eliminate my symptoms.

My Mom took me to Waters of life Cleansing to get hydro colon therapy, and I felt better immediately after! It was shocking to see all of the yellow toxins and blackish stool come out of me. This has been the most awful week of my life, and no wonder! There was so much garbage in my body! After my 2nd day of cleansing and doing the Vitratox cleanse, I feel like a million bucks and STRONGLY recommend everyone look into hydro colon therapy.

If you look at the symptoms of CHS, you will see that the majority of them originate from the gut, which is why I believe it makes the most sense to seek help from a hydro colon therapist for this issue. If you are fighting this horrible "syndrome," I highly you encourage you to go get a colonic at Waters of Life Cleansing and stop smoking pot immediately and forever!

27. A.J.  from CA - Major Skin Rash ... I called Waters of Life because I was sort of at the beginning of a major rash on my face.  It was really bad - very itchy, very flakey, swollen, and a red angry face.  As it turned out, this was just the beginning of a rash that would envelop my body.  My face took literally 3 months to clear up enough that I looked almost normal. I have always been very healthy.  This whole rash business kind of started (in my estimation) when I had my amalgam fillings removed.  I did this in July and August of 2018.  Shortly after that this rash started on my face.  I thought it was from the anesthetic.  It was horrendous.  My face was pretty much being destroyed in terms of how awful and painful and ugly it was.

I called up Jeanne at Waters of Life because I wanted to detox my body and she was kind enough to make a special point to help me on a weekend morning.  I showed up with my red, flakey, ugly face and picked up my 8 day cleanse.
Now I'm thin.  I did the cleanse almost to the letter.  I felt much better, but I didn't know that this was just the beginning of sojourn into getting my body on the road to clearing my skin from an outrageously invasive, painful, enveloping body rash.
So, let me tell you, I swear by Waters of Life.  I've done a number of colonics (and I have always felt much better after each one), I did the lymphatic treatment/colonic combination, I have also done the Microscopy.  Each of them has been designed to help my body to heal.  I am still healing and here is the reason why.
I am blessed to be able to work with Jeanne (colonic and Lymphatic treatment), Kellie (colonics) and Theresa (Microscopy).  They have all been incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, caring, considerate, super in guiding me toward getting me to feel better and just really great people.
My discovery by the expert direction of first Jeanne and then Kellie (who clarified what I was really dealing with - Mercury Toxicity) and Theresa who could show me how my blood was progressing as well as giving me such expert advice of what I could do to heal my circulatory blood system) was directly connected to Waters of Life!  I am still working on doing what I need to do to help my entire body to heal.
I have come a long way.  I am dedicated and I will continue to do what I need to do and Waters of Life is directly connected to my healing.
This is what I have done. I will try to make it short:
   The 8 day cleanse
   Colonics (Jeanne and Kellie)
   Lymphatic treatment/Colonic combination (Jeanne)
   Microscopy (Theresa Sharp-CBRI)
   Hot showers to burn the histamine itch so I wouldn't scratch my skin off down deep - then total cold showers to cool my skin
   The Andy Cutler Chelation Protocol for Mercury Toxicity (I researched)
    Dry Brushing my skin with a vegetable fiber brush (gently at first & now I can do it with much more like I used to (this one's on me)
    Trampolining every day (Theresa made that suggestion)
     Dry Heat Sauna's
    Treadmill walking I just started to add this back in.
     Juicing (especially Jeanne's Green Juice)
    Liver/Gallbladder cleanse - Andreas Moritz's protocol - 3 so far and more to come. This will safe your life!

When Kellie mentioned that maybe my skin rash wasn't from the dental anesthetic but perhaps Mercury, she quite literally saved my life.  Each time I chelate, my body freaks out again a bit but now when I brush my skin it's not a bathroom of flying flakes of my skin all over the place.  Now my skin isn't red and swollen ALL THE TIME.  No kidding, it's been hellish and there are times when I had to leave work to get home to take my hot shower so I could survive the day.  I took upwards to 4 or more hot showers a day at times because the itch was so horrendously invasive and hurting.  At first, with that hot water on my skin I wanted to scratch, but after like 10 seconds that itch was burned out.  Then I could be itch free for like 3 or a bit more hours.  Had to be careful on my face though.  Straight AloeVera from the plant really helped a lot!  Lotions would blow up my skin too.  So I use a very diluted Goat Milk Lotion.
This hot shower thing was what I did when I had a real bad Poison Oak reaction back in the early 1980's.  And it worked the same then as it does now.  No doctor will say to do that.  But it works. The follow up with the cold shower sounds like it would be hard to do but I found it really helps!
No kidding, Waters of Life put me on the right road.  They are quite literally THE BEST.  And I can't stress that enough.  I still see the girls and I just booked another appointment tonight.  They are amazing!  A. J.  

28. Jessica B (43) from CA - Yeast Infections, Bladder Infections, ... (1st review) My husband and I did the 8 day cleanse back in March and it changed our lives for the better. We have more energy and feel better overall. We loved the program so much we have decided to continue taking the supplements and shakes as a part of our new plant based lifestyle. It has done wonders for us! Our hair, nails, eyelashes, and skin are better than ever and we don't feel "heavy" like before. We also are doing the 90 day bio film protocol and the results half way through are amazing. I used to suffer from yeast infections and general issues "down there" for 20 plus years but not anymore since the cleanse and the bio film protocol. This has changed my life in ways I can't describe. We are customers for life and plan to do a colonic monthly as well as the 8 day cleanse every six months!
(2nd Review) My husband and I came to Jeanne back in March for our first 8 day colon cleanse and since then our life has changed for the better! We have more energy and find ourselves not craving animal products, sugar, and processed foods like before – we are eating a plant based diet and loving it.  We feel so good that we have continued taking the shakes and supplements provided to us during the 8 day program and have become believers in the products. 
For most of my adult life I have suffered from chronic yeast infections and bladder infections and since doing the cleanse I have been so lucky to not have had any reoccurrences until this week. I woke up earlier this week with definite bladder infection symptoms and I was able to 100% cure myself within 24 hours by doing the fast while on the 8 day colon cleanse. All I did was take 5 shakes and 4 sets of supplements (no food that day) and I woke up the next morning healed! My husband and I were shocked! Typically I have to visit a doctor and be on a week’s worth of antibiotics followed up with medicine to cure the yeast infection I then get from the antibiotics. Historically between all the meds and side affects it would take me at least 3 weeks to feel good again. This time it literally took 24 hours and no antibiotics!!! Will continue taking the supplements, shakes, and colonics for life!

29. Dawn E from San Clemente - Life-Changing!!! … This team has changed my life! Steve, Jeanie and Kellie have been so supportive and nurturing throughout the cleanse. They are extremely knowledgeable.  The supplements they endorse and sell for this cleanse are the very best!  The cleanse itself is life changing.  The staff and philosophy are welcoming, loving, informational and foundational.  Do the cleanse! Go to Waters if Life!

30. MW from TX- Waters Of Life Cleansing  is the most professional, well run, organized office I have been to. They have the most caring and knowledgeable staff I have ever worked with. They took time to clearly explain everything and answer all my questions related to my visit and my specific needs. They even provided wisdom and clarity regarding my personal nutrition, digestion, and personal condition. Wow, what a blessing to be in such caring hands and a relaxed, nurturing, and professional environment. I feel clean and healthy and the 8 Day cleanse removed several inches from my waist line!

31. Jack C from NY (Age-45) - “My aches & pains are gone, my skin is healthy, I sleep better, have more energy & my mood has improved dramatically. Thanks to you, I feel like a new person. This was a life transforming experience for me!”

32. LS from CA (Age 51) - I am in the media and travel all over the country.  Keeping a very busy schedule I have had to get colonics all over the country.  Jeanne & Isabel from Waters of Life Cleansing have provided the very best colon hydrotherapy I have received anywhere!

Barbara R from Laguna Beach, CA -  Jeanne Martin is the BEST. She turns an awkward and potentially uncomfortable procedure into an experience full of laughter and learning with her bubbly personality, well-practiced techniques and vast knowledge of health, specifically, digestive health. I first saw her after learning I needed major orthopedic surgery. I wanted to be in the best shape possible before the operations. I thought that a couple of colonics before the surgery would suffice, but Jeanne explained the great incremental value of doing her eight-day colon cleanse, which includes daily colonics, a liver detox, supplements to “move things along” and to support digestive health. She provided everything I needed in one small brown bag, and in addition to performing the colonics was completely available for support. During and subsequent to the cleanse, I was able to eliminate 25 pounds of unneeded and unhealthy plaque and toxins, and I breezed through my surgeries and recoveries! Now I see Jeanne for a semi-annual tune-up. Don’t wait for a major health challenge to go and see Jeanne. Whether your health issues are small or large, attaining a healthy colon and digestive system is often the first step toward overall physical well-being. So invest in yourself with a visit to Jeanne and get ready to learn, laugh and “lighten up”.

Waters Of Life Cleansing & Renewal has a solid reputation for excellence in colon hydrotherapy & life-changing colon cleansing programs. Since 2001, Waters of Life Cleansing has been assisting clients with a variety of health challenges using the Vitratox Colon Cleansing Program, a 7 Day Cleanse Program with a liver-gallbladder flush on the 8th day. This is the best colon cleanse we have found!

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