Price List


$65 for 1 Colonic (New Client Special)

$70 each with package of 8 or more Colonics

$75 each with package of  3-7 Colonics

$80 for 1 Colonic (after 1st colonic)

$105 for 1 Lymph Drainage Therapy with 1 Colonic
(1st time only)

$825 for our 8-Day Cleansing Program
with Liver Gallbladder Flush

 Individual Modalities                  Price


 Colon Hydrotherapy/Colonic                           $85

 Package of 3 to 7 Colonics                          $80 each  


 Bio-Electric Lymphatic Drainage Therapy     $95        


 Bio-Electric Lymphatic Drainage w/Colonic   $160

   (2hr session)


 Ear Candling (2 candles/ear)                            $65


 8-Day Colon Cleansing Program                      $875
     with Liver Gallbladder Flush


 3 Lymphatic Drainage Therapy w/3 Colonics   $450

Waters Of Life Cleansing & Renewal has a solid reputation for excellence in colon hydrotherapy & life-changing cleansing programs in Orange County, CA. Under the guidance of Jeanne Martin, Advanced I-ACT Colon Hydrotherapist, Waters Of Life specializes in the Vitratox Cleansing Program, an 8 Day Cleanse with an accompanying liver & gallbladder flush. Since 2001, Waters of Life has been assisting clients with health challenges that range from constipation & IBS to asthma, high blood pressure & auto-immune issues & beyond.
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