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It has been created to assist you on your journey towards well-being with a focus on good colon health. We hope you will be greatly encouraged!

We strongly believe that the body is generally capable of healing itself if the right conditions are met! Those conditions primarily include being diligent to cleanse the body regularly…in other words clean it out and keep it clean (internal cleansing as well as external). External cleansing is known almost universally, but internal cleansing which includes colonics ( colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy ) and colon cleansing programs, is just as vital to well-being, if not moreso, though it is presently less familiar to the majority of people.

As an example, suppose an individual sustains a superficial wound to the skin such as a scraped knee. With minimal care, such as cleansing dirt from the scrape using water and perhaps applying a bandage (or even leaving the wound exposed), healing will most likely occur. Why? Because the amazing bodies we have been given are programmed to self-heal. But consider the same scenario in which a skin wound is not properly cleansed. What happens? The healing process is adversely affected because the dirt was not removed and infection and other problems can interfere with the restoration and recovery.

So in order to assist the body in the self-healing process, what's the FIRST step? Get the "dirt" out!!! We have found this to be true in virtually every instance as we confront the variety of health challenges that our clients face, including chronic constipation & various colon problems. How can we begin to fix our health problems when we’ve ignored the “dirt” issue for so many years?!? We believe it is imperative that we FIRST address the "dirt" with a colon cleansing fast or detox program. Attempting to fix our health problems without colon cleansing will prolong the process, produce frustration and end up costing more money in the end.

When you have a moment, please check out our Testimonial page and read about the life-changing experiences of some of our clients who had faced a variety of health challenges. Each person took the time to give the body a rest, cleaned out some of the dirt... and the body did the rest! The systems of the body went back to normal! Wow!!! That is encouraging!

We believe that we exist as the result of the marvelous creative power of God, so we give thanks to Him for making such amazing bodies which are able to heal themselves!  To all of you that allow us to come alongside and assist you on your journey to vibrant life, please know it is an honor and a privilege!

We want so much for you (and everyone) to experience genuine detoxification and understand firsthand what your body was intended to do. Discover the great potential your body was created to have.

We are grateful for you and pray you too will have a life-changing experience!

Yours In Good Health,

Jeanne Martin

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Waters Of Life Cleansing & Renewal has a solid reputation for excellence in Colon Hydrotherapy & life-changing colon cleansing programs. Since 2001, Waters of Life Cleansing has been assisting clients with a variety of health challenges using the Vitratox Colon Cleansing Program, a 7 Day Cleanse Program with a liver-gallbladder flush on the 8th day. This is the best colon cleanse we have found!