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8-Day Colon Cleansing Program With Liver / Gallbladder Flush
Our 8 Day Cleansing Program includes:
  • Initial Consultation & Personal Support Throughout Cleanse
  • Vitratox Colon Cleansing Products & enzymes (9 products)
  • 8 Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions (Colonics)
  • Info on ways to have good colon health

The Vitratox 7 day cleanse program which has been around for over 60 years, is designed to rid the body of the congestion of accumulated toxins, intestinal plaque, and mucous, and to provide the glands and organs of the body a much-needed rest. Cleansing & resting will naturally give the glands, organs & body as a whole a better chance to work more effectively... the way they were intended to work.

Though 7 days of cleansing is recommended (as it takes 7 days to cleanse the blood), you may decide to try 1 day, or 3 days...or any amount you prefer based on your time constraints, finances, etc.
During your cleanse, you will drink 5 tasty cleansing shakes throughout the day with organic food supplements.  You can have fresh squeezed juices, an electrolyte vegetable broth and herbal teas throughout the day. The 8th day is a liver gallbladder flush. Every step of your colon cleansing program will be fully detailed for you and you will have full support all throughout your detoxification process.  All week, you will learn valuable information which is intended to equip you after the cleansing program as you continue on your journey to well-being.  Our goal is for you to reap the rewards from this experience for the rest of your life!
What we hear most from our clients
regarding the 8-Day Colon Cleansing Program:
•    Healthier skin - clearer, pores are smaller, healthy color       
•    More energy – get up easier in the morning - more alert - mind is sharper
•    Joint pains are gone or greatly diminished
•    No more snoring              
•    No more sleeping pills
•    More regular bowel movements; no more constipation
•    Relationship with food has dramatically changed
Jeanne Martin, a cleansing specialist who facilitates the entire colon detox, has done substantial research in this area for 25 years and is considered by health professionals and her peers as one of the leading experts in the field of cleansing. Located in Orange County, Costa Mesa, CA.

Ron Kennedy, MD said, Putrefying waste can lead to precancerous conditions in the colon. When food putrefies, the colon secretes mucus to protect itself. This mucus then glues the putrefied food to the colon wall where it may remain for years. If this has happened, there is little likelihood that you will be able to handle this problem by yourself. If it hasn't happened, you have no way of knowing it hasn't happened. Either way, I recommend at least one visit to a colon therapist. Everyone should have a dentist, and everyone should have a colon therapist.

I recognize that this is a frightening prospect. However, an experienced colon therapist can put you at ease and teach you more about your colon in one hour than you can ever learn from reading about the subject and much more than the typical physician knows.
So, how do you cleanse your colon? To be certain of the result, see a colon therapist."

Taken from Townsend Letter For Doctors & Patients, Aug / Sept 2000 (#205/206)
"Value of Colon Hydrotherapy Verified by Medical Professionals Prescribing It", by Morton Walker, DPM

Who Can Fast?

Who Can Fast?

"Almost everyone can fast. Both the chronically ill and those with acute illnesses, such as viral infections, can utilize the fast to accelerate recovery. Even healthy individuals may choose to fast periodically. I am convinced that periodic fasting will prolong life.

In the field of longevity research, nothing else has as much solid, scientific documentation to support it as fasting and a natural-food based diet.

If you are suffering from any chronic disease, fasting makes even more sense. Fasting should not be used only as a last resort. It should be employed as the first mode of treatment before a physician starts you on medication for almost any chronic condition. If one can fast early in the disease process before years of steroids and other toxic drugs complicate the condition, it will be much easier to get well.

It is exciting to watch what a fast can do, because the power of the body to heal itself is wonderful to observe. This is especially striking because, as a physician, I see almost no self-healing in patients treated conventionally. They either get worse or their symptoms are palliated with drugs, while their health gradually deteriorates. The fast allows for self-healing."
Fasting and Eating for Health by Joel Fuhrman, MD
Why 7 days?

Why 7 days?

God made most everything in nature to operate in units of SEVEN:
  • 7 days in a week
  • Chickens hatch in units of 7 (21 days)
  • Women menstruate in units of 7 (28 days)
  • The moon operates in units of 7 (28 days)
  • Ducks hatch in units of 7 (some species 28 & some 35 days)
  • It takes 7 days to CLEANSE the BLOODSTREAM (fasting)
  • It takes 7 weeks to CLEANSE the LYMPH GLANDS
  • It takes 7 months to BALANCE the GLANDULAR SYSTEM (you feel best after 7 months)
  • It takes 7 years to change all the MOLECULES of the BODY
"Toxins which have stagnated in your blood, impair the filters and eliminative organs, chief of which are the kidneys, liver, bowels and skin.

These toxins are the villains - the real cause of disease; they must be eliminated if the body is to be restored to health.
Illness, then, as we know it, is nothing more or less than a terrific "attempt on the part of the body to rid itself of morbific [toxic] matter."

The liver and the kidneys are important eliminative organs. For the liver, the natural avenue of elimination, of course, is through the bowel; for the kidneys, through the bladder and urethra.

However, when the liver is congested and cannot perform its eliminative function, waste matter (toxins) is thrown into the blood stream. Similarly, when the kidneys are inflamed, toxins are also dammed up in the blood. Toxic blood must discharge its toxins or the person dies, so nature uses vicarious avenues of elimination or substitutes. The lungs, therefore, will take over the task of eliminating some of the wastes that should have gone through the kidneys, or the skin will take over for the liver....if the bile poisons in the blood come out through the skin, we get the various irritations of the skin, resulting in the many skin diseases, or through the mucous membranes (inside skin) as the various catarrhs, or through the skin as boils, carbuncles, acne, etc. Thus the skin in substituting for the liver, or a vicarious elimination is occuring through the skin.

Disease, then, as I see it is an unnatural elimination process. In order to speed along or facilitate the natural elimination process of the toxic material and return the patient to health, I found necessary either (1) complete abstention from food (fasting for a few days or longer) or (2) abstention from those foods which created the patient's toxemia."
Food Is Your Best Medicine by Henry Bieler, MD pgs 41-43
Waters Of Life Cleansing & Renewal has a solid reputation for excellence in colon hydrotherapy & life-changing cleansing programs in Orange County, CA. Under the guidance of Jeanne Martin, Advanced I-ACT Colon Hydrotherapist, Waters Of Life specializes in the Vitratox Cleansing Program, an 8 Day Cleanse with an accompanying liver & gallbladder flush. Since 2001, Waters of Life has been assisting clients with health challenges that range from constipation & IBS to asthma, high blood pressure & auto-immune issues & beyond.
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