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"Wrinkled, sagging skin is not the inevitable result of growing older. Its a disease, and you can fight it....
beautiful skin on the outside begins with good health on the inside."  So start today!
The Wrinkle Cure by Dr. Perricone - pg.1
"Faulty fat metabolism is the main cause of most skin diseases."
Food Is Your Best Medicine by Henry Bieler, MD, pg 202
Though there are other theories, “in medical research today, the cellular-congestion theory is the leading theory of biologic aging.”
Joel Fuhrman, MD Fasting and Eating for Health    pg, 63
This is why we do an 8 day deep-tissue cleansing to cleanse the body at the cellular level.

“Waste material gathers inside the cell, and eventually accumulates to the point of internal cell damage. The amassing of unwanted and often toxic substances explains the gradual decline in cellular function and therefore body function in general.”
Joel Fuhrman, MD Fasting and Eating for Health    pg, 64

Skin problems that often come with age:
  • Acne
  • Uneven pigment
  • Dark circles
  • Poor skin tone to fine lines
  • Sagging skin
  • Loss of radiance

"Your skin will suffer dearly from the damage you cause on the inside if you don't get enough sleep, smoke, drink too much alcohol, don't eat properly & don't take enough essential vitamins, including A, C and E." 
The Wrinkle Cure by Nicholas Perricone, MD, pg. 2

I agree with Dr. Perricone. However, I have personally seen fasting/cleansing with colonics removing toxins from the body quicker than changing the diet & adding essential vitamins.
"Antioxidants can impede & even repair the damage to skin cells that comes with aging. Soft, radiant, younger-looking skin is the greatest result."
The Wrinkle Cure by Nicholas Perricone, MD, pg. 7
"Toxins which have stagnated in your blood, impair the filters and eliminative organs, chief of which are the kidneys, liver, bowels and skin.

These toxins are the villains - the real cause of disease; they must be eliminated if the body is to be restored to health.
Illness, then, as we know it, is nothing more or less than a terrific "attempt on the part of the body to rid itself of morbific [toxic] matter."

The liver and the kidneys are important eliminative organs. For the liver, the natural avenue of elimination, of course, is through the bowel; for the kidneys, through the bladder and urethra.

However, when the liver is congested and cannot perform its eliminative function, waste matter (toxins) is thrown into the blood stream. Similarly, when the kidneys are inflamed, toxins are also dammed up in the blood. Toxic blood must discharge its toxins or the person dies, so nature uses vicarious avenues of elimination or substitutes. The lungs, therefore, will take over the task of eliminating some of the wastes that should have gone through the kidneys, or the skin will take over for the liver....if the bile poisons in the blood come out through the skin, we get the various irritations of the skin, resulting in the many skin diseases, or through the mucous membranes (inside skin) as the various catarrhs, or through the skin as boils, carbuncles, acne, etc. Thus the skin in substituting for the liver, or a vicarious elimination is occuring through the skin.

Disease, then, as I see it is an unnatural elimination process. In order to speed along or facilitate the natural elimination process of the toxic material and return the patient to health, I found necessary either (1) complete abstention from food (fasting for a few days or longer) or (2) abstention from those foods which created the patient's toxemia."
Food Is Your Best Medicine by Henry Bieler, MD pgs 41-43
Natural Skin Cleanser & Moisturizer

Natural Skin Cleanser & Moisturizer

Powdered Goat Milk - 1/8 Cup
Rolled Oats - 1/8 Cup
Flax Seed - 1 T

Finely grind the Rolled Oats & Flax Seed. Then mix with the Powdered Goat Milk. (Use within 2 weeks.)
Pour a quarter size amount of the mixture into the palm of your hand. Add a few drops of purified water & mix. Gently scrub your face with it, then rinse & pat dry.

Raw Honey
Purified Water
Olive Oil

In the palm of your hand, mix 1-2 drops of Raw Honey & 2-3 drops of Purified Water. Rub it all over your face & neck.
Once the honey is dry, put about a dimes worth of Olive Oil in your palm & rub it all over your face & neck as well.

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