When I was young (in the 70’s), my teacher saw me squinting to read the blackboard while I was in the front row, so she sent me to the school nurse for an eye exam.   I failed & learned I was only near-sighted.  The nurse told me I had 1 month to get glasses or I would be expelled.
Though glasses are helpful, my father didn’t want me to have them.  He learned that glasses do not help strengthen your eyes, just like a wheelchair doesn’t help strengthen your legs.
So my father brought me to a holistic eye doctor in Connecticut.  Dr. Friedman gave me eye exercises to do 2 times/day which I did every morning & evening.
1 month later, I went back to the school nurse to retest my eyes & I had 20/20 vision! I was near-sighted & far-sighted now! Woohoooo!!! No need for glasses! Yaaaaay!!! I was so happy because I didn’t want glasses either! I wasn’t a rebellious child but inside I was sticking my tongue out at her! Sorry :-(    I told her I did eye exercises but she didn’t seem to be too interested. So sad.
Here’s what I did. Only 3 steps: 2 eye exercises & a hot compress over my eyes. These exercises help me to stretch my eyes, which feels so good! It’s like a fast & easy EYE BOOT CAMP! 
  • About 12 minutes
  • Chair
  • Something to focus on
  • Stick / dowel (I painted one end a bright color to make it easier to follow)
  • Wash cloth & warm water to make a hot compress. 
Step 1 - EXERCISE 1:
  • FOCUS on something. This is my FOCAL POINT.
  • My focal point is always at EYE LEVEL,
  • Focal point is about 3 FEET from where I sit comfortably, sitting up straight with good posture.

With my eyes, I make a CROSS & an X. Watch video for easier understanding.
First, I’ll make a cross with my eyes, starting with looking up…
  • I look at my focal point.
  • Without moving my head, I stretch my eyes all the way up.
  • Then I bring my eyes back to my focal point
  • & blink. I make sure I always blink after each stretch.
  • I do this 12 times - up, center (focal point), blink.

Then I do the same thing looking down. Then looking to the right. Then the left. That’s my cross.

Then I do the same thing making an X. Stretching my eyes to the upper right corner, then upper left corner, lower right corner & lower left corner. That’s Exercise 1.

Step 2 - EXERCISE 2:

  • My new focal point is the end of my dowel.
  • Without moving my head, I make a small circle to the RIGHT.
  • When I get to the bottom of each circle, I blink.
  • Each time I make a circle, I make it a little bigger
  • About 12 to 15 circles till the circle is as big as I can stretch.
  • Then I make the circles going LEFT, making them big circles to little circles.
  • About 12 to 15 circles till the circle is little again.
  • Always blinking when I get to the bottom of each circle.
That’s Exercise 2.

Step 3 – Hot Compress:
  • I make a warm/hot compress & put it over my eyes…so it's nice & warm & comfortable.
  • Then with my eyes closed, I circle my eyes to the right, to the left, then up & down, side to side, & just stretch them all around…about 5-10 times for each one & about 30-45 seconds total.
  • Then I warm up the hot compress again as warm as is comfortable, I rest on my bed, & put the hot compress over my eyes to rest them for a minimum of 5 minutes.

That’s it! About 12 minutes, 2 times a day! That was all I did so that I could see far distances & have 20/20 vision again! I am not a doctor so I am not saying that anyone else will have 20/20 vision. I'm just telling you what I did.
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