Rotation Diet

Waters Of Life Cleansing & Renewal has a solid reputation for excellence in colon hydrotherapy & life-changing cleansing programs in Orange County, CA. Under the guidance of Jeanne Martin, Advanced I-ACT Colon Hydrotherapist, Waters Of Life specializes in the Vitratox Cleansing Program, an 8 Day Cleanse with an accompanying liver & gallbladder flush. Since 2001, Waters of Life has been assisting clients with health challenges that range from constipation & IBS to asthma, high blood pressure & auto-immune issues & beyond.

A diet in which you rotate your foods every 4 days.

Those who have:
*Leaky Gut (many people don't know they have this so please click here to learn about it)
*Food allergies (many people don't realize they have food allergies)
*Gastrointestinal symptoms-constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, cramps/pain, feeling of fullness long after finishing a meal...& any kind problem of the digestive tract-including difficulty swallowing.
*Canker sores
*If you have taken a lot of antibiotics through your lifetime
*If you have taken a lot of NSAIDS like Ibuprofin & Motrin
*Had many yeast infections
*A sensitivity to MOLD
*Have or had parasites
*IBS, IBD, Colitis, Spastic Colon, Crohn's Disease
*Skin problems-acne, eczema, psoriasis
*Any autoimmune disease-Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, MS, Fibromyalgia...
*Chemical sensitivities
*Mood swings
*Emotional instability, anxiety attacks, depression, irritability, impaired attention, confusion, difficulty concentrating, learning problems...
*Food cravings
*Tired, sluggish, energy drops, excessive drowsiness or sleepiness soon after eating
*Compulsive behavior
*Joint or muscle pain
*Swelling of the hands or feet
*Urinary frequency or urgency
*Ringing, popping or fullness in the ears, earaches, vertigo, dizziness
*Cold or hot flashes
*Want to lose weight

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