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Hidden Sources of EXCITOTOXINS in Food
From the book Excitotoxins - The Taste That Kills
by Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD

*Dr. Russell Blaylock - EXCITOTOXINS: The Taste That Kills - 1 hour 6 minutes. Click here to watch.
Dr. Russell Blaylock, a retired neurosurgeon & author of the book Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills, gives a lecture on compounds such as MSG, aspartame, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, natural flavors, etc...are being added to almost all processed foods. There is a substantial amount of evidence that play a critical role in the development of severe neurological disorders.

What if someone were to tell you that a chemical added to food could cause brain damage in your children, and that this chemical could affect how your children's nervous system formed during development so that in later years they may have learning difficulties? What if there was scientific evidence that these chemicals could damage a critical part of the brain known to control hormones so that later in life your child might have endocrine problems? How would you feel?

Suppose evidence were presented to you strongly suggesting that the artificial sweetener in your diet soft drink may cause brain tumors to develop, and that the number of brain tumors reported since the widespread introduction of artificial sweeteners has risen dramatically? Would that affect your decision to drink these products and especially to allow your children to drink them? What if you could be shown overwhelming evidence that one of the main ingredients in the sweetener (aspartame) could cause the same brain lesions as MSG? Would that affect your buying decisions?

And finally, what if it could be demonstrated that all of these types of chemicals, called excitotoxins, could possibly aggravate or even precipitate many of today's epidemic neurodegenerative brain diseases such as Parkinson's Disease, Huntington's Disease, ALS, and Alzheimer's Disease? Would you be concerned if you knew that these excitotoxin food additives are a particular risk if you have diabetes, or have ever had a stroke, brain injury, brain tumor, seizure, or have suffered from hypertension, meningitis, or viral encephalitis?

Would you also be upset to learn that many of the brain lesions caused by these products in your children are irreversible and can result from a SINGLE exposure of these products in sufficient concentration? How would you feel when you learn the food industry hides and disguises these excitotoxin additives (MSG and Aspartate) so they can't be recognized? Incredulous? Enraged? The fact is many foods are labeled as having "No MSG" but in fact not only contain MSG but also are laced with other excitotoxins of equal potency and danger.

All of the above are true. And all of these well known brain toxins are poured into our food and drink by the thousands of tons to boost sales. These additives have NO OTHER purpose other than to enhance the TASTE of food and the SWEETNESS of various diet products.

Hidden Sources of MSG
As discussed previously, the glutamate (MSG) manufacturers and the processed food industries are always on a quest to disquise the MSG added to food.  Below is a partial list of the most common names for disguised MSG. Remember also that the powerful excitotoxins, Aspartate and L-Cystine, are frequently added to foods and according to FDA rules require NO LABELING AT ALL.

*Food Additives that ALWAYS contain MSG*
Monosodium Glutamate
Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
Hydrolyzed Protein
Hydrolyzed Plant Protein
Plant Protein Extract
Sodium Caseinate
Calcium Caseinate
Yeast Extract
Textured Protein (including TVP)
Autolyzed Yeast
Hydrolyzed Oat Flour
Corn Oil

*Food Additives that FREQUENTLY contain MSG*
Malt extract
Malt flavoring
Natural Flavors/Flavoring
Natural Beef or Chicken Flavoring

*Food Additives that MAY contain MSG or Exitotoxins*
Soy Protein Concentrate
Soy Protein Isolate
Whey Protein Concentrate
Also: Protease Enzymes of various sources can release excitotoxin amino acids from food proteins.
Aspartame - an intense source of excitotoxins
Aspartame is a sweetener made from two amino acids, phenylalanine and the excitotoxiin aspartate. It should be avoided at all costs. Aspartame complaints accounts for approximately 70% of ALL complaints to the FDA. It is implicated in everything from blindness to headaches to convulsions. Sold under dozens of brand names such as NutraSweet and Equal, aspartame breaks down within 20 minutes at room temperature into several primary toxic and dangerous ingredients:
  1. DKP (diketopiperazine) - When ingested, converts to a near duplicate of a powerful brain tumor causing agent.
  2. Formic Acid (ant venom)
  3. Formaldehyde (embalming fluid)
  4. Methanol - Causes blindness...extemely dangerous substance.

Common Examples:
Diet soft drinks, sugar free gums, sugar free Kool Aid,Crystal Light, childrens'medications, and thousands of other products claiming to be 'low calorie', 'diet', or 'sugar free'.

A final note...
Dr. Blaylock recounted a meeting with a senior executive in the food additive industry who told him point blank that these excitotoxins are going to be in our food no matter how many name changes are necessary...

From the book  Healing The Gerson Way 
by Charlotte Gerson
Copyright 2009, page 37-38.
The flavor enhancer MSG (monosodium glutamate), which is tasteless by itself, was developed by a Japanese food chemist in 1907.  In its original form, it was a salt derivitive of a natural amino acid called glutamate, a common substance found in every plant and animal species. Eventually, turned into MSG,  it found its way into almost every kind of convenience food  - from soups, canned gravy, salad dressings,  frozen-ready meals to potato chips, and into the meals served in the worldwide chains of fast-food restaurants. (On food labels, it often hides behind the name "hydrolyzed vegetable protein.")

The reason for this lavish use of MSG was discovered by John E. Erb, a research assistant at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, when he found out that laboratory mice and rats, used for studies on obese animals, had to be injected with MSG soon after birth to  make them fat. Under natural circumstances, no rodents become obese. They only do so when the injected MSG triples the amount of insulin their pancreas produces. Once fat, they are known as "MSG-treated rats."

Away from the research laboratory, MSG is added to human food for its addictive effect. As long ago as 1978, it was scientifically proven to be an additive substance. Since the food manufacturers' lobby openly states that the purpose of MSG is to make people eat more, this additive clearly plays a major role in the current obesity epidemic. Huge numbers of people suffer from the serious side effects of MSG, which include headaches, palpitation, vomiting, nausea, numbness, chest pain, drowsiness, facial pressure and weakness. Some of these side effects are also referred to as "Chinese restaurant syndrome."

John E. Erb summed up his findings in The Slow Poisoning Of America, his book on the harmful activities of the food  additive industry. Although the dangers of MSG have been widely known for decades, the FDA has set no limits on how much of it may be added to foods.

Dr. Blaylock's PubMed Published Article

Covid-19 pandemic: What is the truth?
Dr. Russell L Blaylock 1  

Affiliations expand
The ongoing "pandemic" involving the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 virus (SARS-CoV-2) has several characteristics that make it unique in the history of pandemics. This entails not only the draconian measures that some countries and individual states within the United States and initiated and made policy, most of which are without precedent or scientific support, but also the completely unscientific way the infection has been handled. For the 1st time in medical history, major experts in virology, epidemiology, infectious diseases, and vaccinology have not only been ignored, but are also demonized, marginalized and in some instances, become the victim of legal measures that can only be characterized as totalitarian. Discussions involving various scientific opinions have been eliminated, top scientists have been frightened into silence by threats to their careers, physicians have lost their licenses, and the concept of early treatment has been virtually eliminated. Hundreds of thousands of people have died needlessly as a result of, in my opinion and the opinion of others, poorly designed treatment protocols, mostly stemming from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which have been rigidly enforced among all hospitals. The economic, psychological, and institutional damage caused by these unscientific policies is virtually unmeasurable. Whole generations of young people will suffer irreparable damage, both physical and psychological, possibly forever. The truth must be told.
Keywords: China virus; Covid-19; Pandemic; Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2.
Copyright: © 2021 Surgical Neurology International.

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