My parents learned about good colon health, colon cleansing and detoxification in 1958 and vowed to raise their children in a healthy household with clean colons.  That included refusing vaccinations and an emphasis on healthy food (salads, fruit, veggies, raw nuts & seeds, whole grains) and food from our own garden.  We did not have preservatives, artificial flavorings or colorings in our house, as well as white flour or white sugar that causes constipation.  From the time that we were infants, my parents gave us the Vitratox colon cleansing products in our bottles or baby food.  We rarely got sick, but if we developed a minor cold or cough, we would resort to fasting for one to three days using the Vitratox detox program (adapted of course for children).  The problem would always be resolved quickly and so therefore, we did not have a medicine cabinet.  I started doing the full 7-Day internal cleansing program in college when I was 17, and have been doing a week long colon cleansing program two times a year (at least) since then for over 30 years.

I actually have a Bachelor of Science from F.I.T. in Production Management: Apparel. I worked for Calvin Klein, Jones NY, Eileen Fisher, etc...but after 12 years, I learned that the fashion industry is a chemically toxic industry. Even though I was cleansing twice a year, my immune system was low & so I decided clothes weren't worth it to be exposed to all those toxins.

I decided to try doing what I've always done throughout my life...the Vitratox cleansing program...& see if other people were interested in what I've learned in my life.  In 2001, I became an I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist & I've been soooo blessed helping people ever since then!

Jeanne Martin, B.Sc.
I-ACT Certified Instructor Of Colon Hydrotherapy
NBCHT (National Board Colon Hydrotherapist) Credentialed Colon Hydrotherapist


My name is Kathleen Chevalier, but I go by Katie. I was born & raised in the OC. Got my BS degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from CSULB in 2010 & have been practicing in long term care as a Geriatric Specialist for the past 10 years. My base knowledge & experience of working with over 8,000 patients gives me a deep understanding of the human body & how important it is to maintain excellent GI health to thrive. I have seen firsthand in my career over the past 10 years how so many individuals become dependent on laxatives, are prescribed drugs with many undesirable side affects & even have to undergo dangerous surgeries before they try something as simple as a colonic. I have been getting colonics since I was 19 years old & am now 36. I know how beneficial they are & how they can benefit our health which is why I have decided to become an I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist. I cannot wait to work with you!
Waters Of Life Cleansing & Renewal, under Jeanne Martin's guidance, has a solid reputation for excellence in I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapy & life-changing colon cleansing programs in California & the USAThey specialize in an 8 Day Cleanse using the Vitratox 7 Day Cleansing Products with a liver gallbladder flush. Since 2001, Waters of Life has been assisting clients with health challenges that range from constipation & IBS to asthma, high blood pressure, auto-immune issues & beyond.
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