To find the best dentists in the world, go to International Academy Of Oral Medicine & Toxicology

A dentist who has been a member for many years & has attended many meetings is ideal. The BEST doctor is Master, Mentor, then Fellow!
If you can find a dentist that is not only a DDS, but NMD (Naturopathic Medical Doctor) also, that would be ideal!
DDS, ND (Naturopathic Doctor) is amazing too!

My dentist, who is world renown & one of the best in the world, is Dr. Mark Breiner in Connecticut.

His book Whole-Body Dentistry: A Complete Guide to Understanding the Impact of Dentistry on Total Health  has garnered numerous awards and has been sold world-wide. I HIGHLY recommend reading this book!

The following is from Dr. Breiner's website...

WHEN SEEKING A HOLISTIC DENTIST, it’s good to ask the following questions:

  • Do you place amalgam fillings?
  • Do you have amalgam fillings in your mouth?
  • How long have you been mercury-free?
  • What types of precautions can I expect if having my fillings removed?
  • Do you recommend dental material compatibility testing?
  • What types of “alternative therapies” have you studied?
  • Are you aware of the energetic relationship between teeth and organs?
  • How do you feel about fluoride?

URGENT info on ROOT CANALS, Tooth Extractions, CANCER, etc..

I believe it is extremely important for EVERYONE to watch the documentary ROOT CAUSE! 
My dentist who is in CT, Dr. Mark Breiner, is interviewed in it & my extracted root canal tooth is part of one of the big studies they did. It was on the meridian of the breast so I had it pulled because my mom died of breast cancer in the 70's. She had many problems with her teeth! They biopsied my tooth & it showed I had an infection in the bone! WOW!

It was removed by YouTube because it was too controversial.

BE AWARE (adults & kids): Unfortunately there are 2 curse words right in the beginning at 50 seconds & again a little later, exposed breasts at 7:54 minutes & sexual comment at 22 minutes & at the very end.

Very uncalled for & unprofessional in this serious, important documentary.

My NOTES from ROOT CAUSE Documentary: I only wrote up some of what the Medical Doctors, Dentists & PhD's said in this documentary...most of this is word for word out of their mouths!

70-90% of all medical problems actually originate in the Mouth!

Dental pulp is extremely connected to lymph & autonomic system, the brain & all meridian systems.

Dr. Dawn Ewing, PhD:  97% of all Breast Cancer patients from 30-70 had root canal or toxic situation in the teeth.

EEG, EKG & EMG all are looking at the electricity going into the body which is mainstream.

Similar to the MERIDIANS... Each tooth lies on a different meridian...energy pathways. 

Examples...Wisdom teeth: small intestine & heart.

Eye teeth: eyes, liver & gallbladder. Click on this Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart  if you have problems with your teeth, or ANY challenges with your health, 
It's very 

EAV test-accurate test done by Dr. Breiner & Dr. Ewing (hopefully many others). https://wholebodymed.com/dentistry/electrodermal-screening

An MD looked at his last 60 CANCER patients. 96% had an infected tooth on that meridian.

Dr. Weston Price said root canals can cause almost anything. He sanitized a pulled root canal & put it under the skin of rabbits. The rabbit would get the same problem as the the person whose tooth it was.

#1 cause of a Heart Attack is a root canaled treated tooth!

Bacteria in the tooth affects cardiovascular disease.

Most are not genetic problems.

Dr. Thomas Levy, MD (Cardiologist) "A root canal is a fatally flawed procedure"

Causes biotoxins.

Cone Beam Xray - 3 dimensional xray that can see infections.

Every root canaled tooth contains dead tissue & dead tissue is a haven for bacteria.

The toxins are the waste material of the bacteria. Ex...Aspergillus, Streptococcus, Botulinum.

One of world's leading authorities on biological toxins is Boyd Haley.  He said, "The toxins from a root canaled tooth are equal in toxicity to the standard by which all biological toxins are measured." WOW!

Also, they found it is equal to botulism, one of the worst!

All root canals are infected without any exception.

American holistic dental association tested 30,000 root canals that were extracted. All were infected!

Guy with Chronic Fatigue had a test done from the dentist.

6 enzymes that are part of the Kreb cycle...the energy producing part of the cell. These enzymes are able to take up sugar molecules & get the energy out of it. If these enzymes are blocked, then that cell can't make energy. And what biotoxins do is that they block these enzymes from working. 

So they swabbed a bad tooth & a good tooth & they incubated it with these enzymes. And they have a measurement system that shows how bad that enzyme was blocked.

Over 5000 extracted root canaled teeth were submitted to Dr. Haley for testing by dentist's around the country. 100% of them were toxic!

RESULTS? The root canal CANNOT be sterilized inside the mouth.

SCIENCE SHOWS THE ROOT CANAL IS ALWAYS INFECTED. Doesn't matter if a dentist or doctor doesn't BELIEVE it. This is true science. Real facts!

@43:50 mins

Dr. Gerald H. Smith had patient with Stage 4 Throat Cancer. He had 2 root canaled teeth. The pathogens in his teeth were in his throat exactly where the cancer was.

They extracted the teeth, ozonated the jaw bone, used homeopathics & ionic silver...& in 3 weeks the stage 4 throat cancer was totally resolved! This is the impact of toxic root canaled teeth! WOW!

Prostate Cancer:  A study was published in a prestigious oncology  paper in the US...

Showed that 90% of all prostate cancer contains in it's tissue the cancerogenic bacteria which come from root canals.

One patient had Autoimmune Hashimotos.

Once dental toxins were dealt with & they were removed from the thyroid, the hashimotos disappeared. 

The body doesn't attack itself for no reason. There's something there that's causing that reaction.

4 biggest Cancers- Lung, Breast, Colon, Prostate

Hal Huggins-

They found 53 bacterias; 28 are directly related to the health of the heart.

Heart disease is inflammation of the vessels inside the heart.

If you have 1 or more root canals, you have a greater chance of having a heart attack.

Key is to find what is causing the underlying inflammation of the endothelial cells...

1 out of 2 people are dying of heart disease. 

1 out of 2 people are dying of cancer. 

We better have a strategy for both. 

There are 25 million new root canal procedures every year! 

Today, people need to be told these things before they get a root canal. 

Dr. Levy said, "Root canal procedure needs to be something of the past because it does nothing positive for the general health of the body at all."

Doctors in Root Cause documentary with some websites that I found: (all of their websites are very informative!)

Dr. David Minkoff, MD

Dr. Mark Breiner, DDS https://wholebodydentistry.com

Dr. Greg Emerson,  MD

Dr. Thomas Levy, MD

Dr. Stuart Nunnally, DDS  http://www.healthysmilesforlife.com

Dr. Lane Freeman, DDS

Dr. Candice Owens, DDS

Dr. Dawn Ewing, PhD http://drdawn.net/

Dr. Gerald H. Smith,  DDS http://www.dentalwholebodyconnection.com

Dr. Thomas Rau, MD

Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD https://www.tennantinstitute.us/the-practice


By Dr. Dawn Ewing, PhD: Let The Tooth Be Known

By Thomas E. Levy, MD:
Hidden Epidemic

The overwhelming evidence in Hidden Epidemic proves that oral infections are responsible for most heart attacks and breast cancers, as well as a majority of other chronic degenerative diseases. 

The Toxic Tooth: How a root canal could be making you sick delivers exactly what the title promises: A surprising, powerful exposé of one of dentistry's most common procedures.

Death By Calcium 

The regular intake of dairy and calcium supplementation promotes all known chronic degenerative diseases, and it significantly shortens life.

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