International Colon Hydrotherapy School

International Colon Hydrotherapy School


COLON HYDROTHERAPY is a growing occupation & unfortunately there aren't enough Colon Hydrotherapists in the WORLD to supply the great demand!

Enroll in our International Colon Hydrotherapy School &
receive your international I-ACT certification 
(International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy)

The I-ACT Professional Level training is a 265 Hour Course, which includes 7 days with an I-ACT Certified Instructor. We adhere to the highest professional standards & use FDA Registered equipment.

SPECIAL for 2023 classes
COST:  $3000 (Regularly $4500)
The 65 hour in person class starts Oct 16 - but need to complete your 200 online hours.
There are two separate sections to this 265 Hour Professional Training:

1.  I-ACT Professional Colon Hydrotherapy Training CourseOnline Learning (200 hours)
Colon Hydrotherapy History/Theory/Practice - 30 hours
Anatomy & Physiology - 60 hours
Microbiology - 25 hours
Intestinal Health – Function vs. Dysfunction - 14 hours
Nutrition - 16 hours
Drug Interactions - 10 hours
Business Ethics/Office Procedures - 40 hours
Complementary Modalities - 5 hours
2.  I-ACT Professional Colon Hydrotherapy Training CourseIn-Person Training (65 hours)
Office Procedures - 5 hours
Health & Sanitation- 5 hours
Anatomy & Physiology of the Alimentary Tract - 5 Hours
Practicum - 50 hours


Our Colon Hydrotherapy School is in the USA, in Orange County, Southern CA, however, we accept students from Mexico, Canada, Europe, Turkey & all over the world!
Also, we have the capabilities of traveling to different countries if there are enough students in the class. Feel free to contact us by email, whatsapp or phone for more information.

Upcoming Colon Hydrotherapy Classes

Upcoming Colon Hydrotherapy Classes

July 2023

August 2023

Must complete online portion first, then you can do the in-person portion to complete your certification.

International Association For Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT)

International Association For Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT)

... is the premier professional organization for Colon Hydrotherapy worldwide for more than 30 years!

I-ACT heightens the awareness of the Colon Hydrotherapy profession, ensures continuing & progressive education in the field of colon hydrotherapy & implements professionalism beyond reproach.

I-ACT recommends the use of currently FDA registered equipment & disposable rectal nozzles/speculae.
Value of I-ACT

*Education & Training
*Professional Development
*Advocacy, Legislative & Legal Resources
*Marketing Support
*Connections & Community
*Members’ Only Discounts & more!

sets the best colon hydrotherapists apart from the rest.
Active I-ACT membership provides:
Credibility through certification and association with an internationally recognized professional organization.
Increased curriculum standards and requirements to keep pace with ever changing medical community needs.

gives the individual therapist the opportunity to grow as a practitioner.
Active I-ACT membership provides:
Opportunity for annual convention attendance and participation in seminars, workshops, networking, skill building, and other events designed to help the therapist grow.
Access to the annual Colon Hydrotherapy International Congress (CHIC).
Opportunity for recognition and awards for excellence in the profession.
Guidance for professional ethics and standards.
Opportunity to participate in mentorship and leadership programs as well as committee activities and events.
Opportunity to develop self confidence, motivation, communication, management and personal skills through leadership positions.
Access to convention speaker video library.


enables members to stay abreast of changes in the industry.
Active I-ACT membership offers:
Advocacy for the profession with legislators, the medical community and other practitioners to raise awareness of colon hydrotherapy as an adjunct therapy.
Access to legal guidance and non-financial resources when necessary.
Regular communications to keep member therapists abreast of what is happening around the world.
Access to professional articles and research information.
Resources to create solutions for challenging situations.

helps members know how to promote their business in a safe, compliant way.
Active I-ACT membership offers:
Access to compliance guidelines and materials review.
Guidance for social media best practices and compliance.
Use of the I-ACT member logo to build credibility through association.
Customizable marketing materials.
Access to a marketing toolkit, best practices and ideas.

are a hallmark of I-ACT as they help enrich the individual therapist to know they are part of something bigger than themselves.
Active I-ACT membership provides:
Online referral network to find a therapist.
Members’ only online access to valuable information and resources.
Connection to members around the globe.
Opportunity for member-to-member networking and collaboration.
Support and encouragement for new members getting started in the profession, be it in solo practice or as an employee.
Access to medical community liaison as well as ambassador training.
Advocacy for public safety.
Opportunity to participate in multi-generational and multi
-cultural experiences during convention.
Resources to search for jobs worldwide within the industry.
Social interaction with like-minded individuals and professionals.
Access to manufacturers and suppliers of products related to the practice of colon hydrotherapy.

help keep business costs under control.
Active I-ACT membership offers access to:
Professional liability insurance.
Business and personal coaching services.
Business planning/strategy coaching.
Payroll services for 1+ employees.
Web site development services.

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