To Jeanne Martin,                                                                                   

I was scheduled for an ovarian cyst removal in mid-May 2006.  I was hesitating but it was growing and giving me major discomfort in my daily life.  The option the OBGYN gave me was surgery or wait for it to burst.  The cyst bursting sounded painful so I opted for outpatient surgery.  I had suffered from severe constipation in my last hospital procedure so I thought that by maybe having a few colonics before surgery  would alleviate the problem of that and one less thing to worry about.  Five days before going into surgery, I went in for a colonic appointment with Jeanne.  I went in believing that I could at least find some comfort in this uncomfortable procedure but what I left with was more than I ever expected.  Jeanne patiently heard my story and then calmly told me that there were things I did not try before resorting to surgery.  I could not believe that I had another option to surgery or my cyst bursting.  Of course, I was relieved, but a little skeptical .  She said that it’s important to try to get to the root of the problem rather than just deal with the effect.  I realized that my OBGYN’s option was to solve the effect by removing the cyst so I decided to postpone my surgery.  My doctor was skeptical of what I wanted to do and had advised me to schedule another ultrasound in a month.  Then I could decide if I wanted to schedule another surgery.  I guess she had no faith in an alternative option.

I am a 31 year old female that looked healthy and fit but I was not.  I was not eating properly.  I did not drink nor smoke but I was eating as I pleased.  Jeanne explained to me that nutrition was vital but first eliminating toxins I had consumed during my life was primary.  So I had my first colonic.  It was not the most comfortable feeling but it was better than having surgery.  That same day, she told me about the 8-Day cleansing program.  I signed up not really knowing what I was getting into.  I had never had a colonic until that day and I never fasted more than one day.  I fasted for 8 days and I also had a colonic almost every day.  It seemed almost impossible but  Jeanne was there every step of the way reassuring me that what I was doing would be helpful.  My main concern for doing the 8-Day cleanse was my cyst.  But like I said, I was given more than I expected. 

The first day I met Jeanne was the first day of a transformation for me.  I stopped eating for only the sake of taste.  My local hangouts probably missed me.  That is all right by me.  I began eating more fruits and veggies, predominantly organic.  My new hangout was Mothers Market.  I stopped eating processed food as much as possible.  No additives, no preservatives.  I read labels for the first time.  I became an aware consumer.  Well, that was step one.  A week and a half later I began my cleanse.   I postponed it once.  I was not ready yet to not eat.  I thought I was going to starve.  To my surprise I did not.  The first few days I was on the cleanse I did not feel a difference, supposedly.  By mid-week, I felt that I had more energy, lots more energy.  But I also was eliminating toxins and a few pimples broke out on my face.  That was no big thing.  By the 5th day, I could not believe that my body was changing.  My face no longer looked bloated.  I thought I looked fine, I have always been on the slender side but I looked better.  I felt more confident.  On my last day, I was progressing so well, Jeanne thought it might be good to do one more day.  I had gotten over the hump so I was willing to do 1 more day.  Well, on my last day I told Jeanne no matter the results of my next ultrasound that she had changed my life.  And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.  I have always tried to take care of my mind and soul but my body was on the backburner.  I was depleting my resources.  She gave me a new lease on life.  I was not sluggish anymore; I did not need a morning or an afternoon pick me up. 

But the following week after my cleanse I went in for my ultrasound and the results were shocking to me and everyone else.  I had no cyst on my right ovary.  Also, I was no longer feeling the discomfort that I was experiencing for the previous months.  I was elated to say the least.  My doctor had no concrete response. 

Bless you Jeanne for coming into my life.  I am cyst free.    C.G.

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