August 4, 2005

Attn:  Jeanne Martin

Seven years ago I was told by my doctor I had IBS. I walked out of the office feeling confused and angry that I would never live a normal and healthy lifestyle.  I was given a prescription called Zelnorm and told there was no cure for what I had.  This did nothing for me.  How could a drug for IBS be used when the first side effect is constipation?  I tried every “quick fix" remedy I could find, including laxatives.   My IBS worsened to a point to where I was only having a bowel movement once a month.  I felt horrible, tired, and sick and my clothes wouldn't fit me at the end of the day because my stomach was too bloated.  I had severe gas and would make excuses to stay home. I feel that IBS robbed me of my 20's. I did this way too long and knew that if I didn't take action I would die from this.

I started to do research on holistic healing. I owed this to my body. After doing the 8 day cleanse I have had bowel movements everyday.  I have lost 10 pounds.  I no longer suffer from gas or bloating.  I wake up feeling rested and I have so much energy throughout the entire day.  I knew I would never want this to go away, so I have changed my diet. I eat only natural and organic foods. I have eliminated all artificial flavors, colors, dairy, red meat, white flour and caffeine.  I recommend this to all.  It has truly saved my life. 


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