Date:  Jan 11, 2008


To Whom It May Concern:


Two years ago my cholesterol levels where at 230 - 240 and my bad cholesterol was too high and the good too low.  My doctor wanted to give me lipitor and I had a 10 percent obstruction of the arteries.  I did not want to go on the lipitor because every thing I have read points to damage of the liver.  My doctor kept on insisting I should.  What I told him is to give me 3 or 4 months to look for an alternative.


I decided to do an 8 day cleanse with a liver/gallbladder cleanse at the end.  After the cleanse I felt substantially better and lighter.  My skin felt healthier and I dropped 20 pounds.


Two weeks later I had a physical with my doctor; the results were unbelievable.  My doctor could not understand that my overall cholesterol dropped to 158 and my ratio was within normal ranges.  I told him what I did and he said he wished he could recommend it to his patients but because of liability restriction he could not. But he would monitor my progress.  Two years have gone by and I have done a cleanse per year, my average cholesterol is 180 and my obstruction has dropped to less than 5 percent.  I have not gained any of the old weight back.  I am eating better but have not changed my diet substantially. 


I believe all people should have a cleanse at least once a year for health purposes, preferably more often.  I understand time is always a factor.


Best regards,


D. R.

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