November, 2007


I am a 54 year old man with a history of high blood pressure and a poor diet.  I grew up eating a lot of candy (licorice, etc.) and junk, unaware of the adverse effects that poor dietary habits can produce.  All that candy led to lots of cavities, and I began taking Excedrin when I was 16 years old because of pain from tooth decay.  Excedrin contains caffeine, which is addictive.  And so, as you might imagine, I developed a circle of abuse over the course of many years.  I overused the painkiller to deal with the tooth problems, and in turn, became dependent upon it due to a growing caffeine addiction.  Whenever I attempted to discontinue the Excedrin, I would experience “caffeine headaches”, which would drive me back to the painkiller again.  My elevated blood pressure was also a cause of recurring head pain.  My brother-in-law Daryl suggested colon hydrotherapy.  After 14 colonics, I found that my blood pressure went down briefly; however, it would always creep back up.  I changed my diet (organic food, better eating habits, and elimination of meat consumption), but the blood pressure remained high and unstable.  Eventually, it reached the dangerous level of 191/119 and would not come down.  I felt that I was going to suffer a stroke.  I also had arrhythmia, and when I went to bed every night, my chest would hurt and pound for 5-10 minutes before I fell asleep.  I was fearful that a heart attack lay ahead of me.


I was ready to go to my doctor and and resign myself to a medicine regimen for relief, but I decided to call Daryl first.  He recommended that I go on the V.E. Irons 7-day cleanse with a liver/gallbladder flush on the 8th day.  In July 2007, I began my first cleanse.  On the third day, I went to the bathroom and in the toilet was 2 feet of “tar”.  It looked just like the pictures Jeanne (my colon hydrotherapist) had showed me from others who have experienced the V.E.Irons cleanse.  I remember that it felt as if something inside broke loose and finally came out of me.  I am very happy to testify that from that day on, my blood pressure returned to a normal, healthy level and, more importantly, has stayed down.  I have had no more arrhythmia and no more heart pounding.  As a result, I also discontinued my use of Excedrin, because I no longer had headaches.  I came to realize that fasting and cleansing in conjunction with colonics is the way to go (as opposed to colonics alone).  After this first cleanse, I continued to improve my diet. 


I have just finished my second 8-day cleanse and my blood pressure is 117/66 !!!  I am happy to report that I continue to be free from arrhythmia, heart pounding and dependence upon Excedrin. 


I believe that I would have gotten colon cancer eventually, if I didn’t die of a stroke first.  I never thought I would do this and I recommend it to everyone.


B. G.


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