March 1, 2005

Dear Jeanne,

I want to thank you for helping me achieve what doctors said was impossible.  I have the deepest respect for you and for the dedication you  demonstrate in helping my family and me achieve good health and good eating habits that will carry us through a lifetime.

In March 2000, at the age of 41, I found myself expecting our third child.  We were elated, but I soon found myself desperately ill with what was misdiagnosed as severe morning sickness. After the birth of my daughter in December 2000, I became even sicker.  My hair fell out in huge amounts, my eyeballs bulged, I had tremors in my hands, constant arrhythmia, severe mood swings, constant hunger, constipation, profuse sweating, nausea, mental confusion and severe menstrual bleeding and cramping. My cholesterol was too high at 240.

In desperation, I went to my father's cardiologist who diagnosed my condition as Graves Disease.  I then went to an Endocrinologist and blood work confirmed I did have Graves Disease.  Beta blockers and anti-thyroid medication were prescribed.  But because I was nursing my three month old baby, I refused to take the medication.   At that time it was explained to me that if I did not take this medication, I could very well suffer a stroke or a 'thyroid storm' which could prove fatal.

My husband and I felt that we needed to research this disease and over the course of that year began the process of investigating natural and holistic methods of healing.  By July 2001, blood tests confirmed that the disease was still present but under control.  I had reached a plateau.  Then after researching colon hydrotherapy, we felt that I would benefit from a series of colonics and cleansing.

The first 8-Day cleanse began April 2004.  The cleanse was 8 days with a 1 day liver/gallbladder flush on the 8th day.  The benefits were immediate. The heart palpitations disappeared, my hair began to grow, mood swings became less and less, and the severe menstrual bleeding disappeared.  The cramping and bleeding that had previously been so severe that a hysterectomy was my only solution was now not needed.  The cyst in my left ovary was gone.  All the problems associated with Graves Disease were gone.

June 2004 was the second 8-Day cleanse, August 2004 the third, and February 2005 the fourth. Each time I felt an increase of energy and good health that I thought was not possible.  Blood tests taken February 2005 confirmed that the 8-day colon hydrotherapy cleanses had accomplished the impossible. The Endocrinologist stated that according to all the blood tests I no longer had Graves Disease.  I know that the series of 8-day cleanses and good nutrition are the reasons I no longer suffer with Graves Disease.

Thank you again for all your help and dedication.


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