For most of my life, I remember that having one bowel movement a week was “normal” for me.  However, I was completely unaware of the serious implications associated with consuming meals day after day all year long, but only eliminating on a weekly basis.  Eventually it got to 1 BM every 2 weeks & was like that for a while... I have very low energy & could not figure out how to get my energy level up.
I saw a Gastroenterologist & had a colonoscopy but he couldn’t see much.  Then he did a Transit test to see how many days it takes a meal to come out.  After 7 days, the  plastic pellets that you ingest are supposed to be gone.. mine were still in and still in the ascending colon.  I also, had  a Catscan, and many other tests.  He determined that I had serious nerve damage because when I was 3, I had surgery on my colon… part of it was cauterized.
The Gastroenterologist and Surgeon couldn’t figure out how to fix the problem so they recommended that I remove my colon.  I said I wasn’t going to remove my colon and that I would find an alternative answer. I began drinking 4 oz. wheatgrass every day and doing hot yoga a few times a week. I then started having BM’s 1x/week.   I still did not have the energy level that I needed to have.
Then I began colon hydrotherapy.  In 1 year I did 2 - 8-Day cleanses with Jeanne. I changed my diet, did monthly colonics, and took the products from the cleanse daily! I still do... I began having BM's a few times a week to every other day. I went to see my Gastroenterologist about 1 ½ yrs after he recommended removing the colon and I was a bit taken back when he told me he was surprised I was still alive! He thought I would have had part of my colon rupture or tear and would have had major challenges from that.
I had a colonoscopy immediately after the 3rd cleanse & he said, my colon was squeaky clean, no polyps,
diverticuli or cancer… though he still felt my colon has nerve damage.  He is happy & amazed that I am able to have the movement I have and am healthy.  He does not mention taking out my colon any longer.  :-)    A.T.
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