Water Distiller-Model 7000/3 Countertop
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Water Distiller-Model 7000/3 Countertop
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Waterwise 7000/3 Countertop Water Distiller

Stainless steel construction, fully automatic and 3-gallon reservoir.

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Waterwise Home Water Distiller Model 7000 - 3 Gallon Reservoir, Counter-Top

Pesticides, fertilizers, industrial contaminants, toxic wastes, petroleum spills, water treatment chemicals, heavy metal pollution, and septic waste all increase water and air pollution, create smog and smoke that enters the Hydrologic Cycle of this earth. As a result, our water supplies have been compromised and poisoned. The more contaminants the human body is exposed to and absorbs, overall health goes into decline. Water is the "indispensable nutrient" that all living organisms need to survive. Water represents approximately 70% of a human body's weight. Clean water is a must! Waterwise Inc. stands in this pollution gap with their lines of Waterwise Water Distillers that offer the best technology that will give you and your family the healthiest, purest water available.

Waterwise uses distillation that is similar to the earth's natural water cycle of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. Ordinary tap water is taken into the Waterwise Home Water Distiller and turned into clean steam vapor which is condensed, and then passed through the Waterwise organic filtration cup. This technology effectively removes, bacteria, parasites, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and a host of industrial pollutants and synthetic chemicals. A Waterwise 7000 Distiller gives your 100% steam distilled water with the purity that nature intended.

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