Vitratox Whole Beet
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Vitratox Whole Beet
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Whole Beet Tablets - 120 tabs

The beets used for this product are organically grown, the same as in GREENlife. The whole beet (leaves, stems, beets and roots) is juiced, and the extract is vacuum dried at low temperature to retain maximum quantities of the enzymes, vitamins and mineral factors. The drying process does not use fillers, binders, or stabilizers - such as maltodextrin (a sugar that is used as a drying agent). This product, being a concentrate, is nutritionally potent. They are the most expensive product dehydrated.  Out of 2000 pounds of beets, less than 20 pounds of powder are obtained. Therefore, all the nutrients present in the beet plant are present in the powder at 20 times the normal amounts.

The beet is a wonderful food which contains a high iron content acting a  generator and activator of the red blood corpuscles.  It contains much potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, sulphur, and iodine in addition to many trace minerals which seem to be valuable in the regeneration of the human body. Unlike inorganic sources of iron, the body assimilates iron from the beet root very easily, because iron is found in an organic complex. In the concentrated beet are nucleic acids which nourish the cell so that when the cell divides, healthy cells are born.  It also helps to detoxify the body.

Beets have excellent stimulating effect on the gall bladder, apparently aiding the metabolizing or breaking up the fat molecules and other hard deposits.

In concentration, the beet also tends to help the proper pH factor of the intestinal tract which means the proper acid-alkaline balance is maintained.  Beets are said to have a pH factor of 5 to 6.

In Europe, many doctors are using red beets in the treatment of many degenerative diseases. 

Our Whole Beet Plant Juice Tablets are packaged in a recyclable amber glass bottle that ensures potency and freshness - 150 tablets per bottle.  Refrigerate after opening to extend shelf life.
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