Klaire Lab InterFase 120caps
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Klaire Lab InterFase 120caps
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Interfase 120 caps
Enzyme combination disrupts biofilm matrix and encourages healthy intestinal microbial communities.
InterFase® is a unique enzyme formulation especially designed to break down biofilm embedding potential gastrointestinal pathogens. Enzymes in InterFase® are selected for their ability to lyse the extracellular polymers commonly found in biofilm as well as degrade bacterial and yeast cell wall structures. The lytic effect of InterFase® on biofilm has been documented using the well-established MBEC™ P&G assay for antibiofilm activity. InterFase® is intended for use in conjunction with efforts to support normal gastrointestinal function and microbiota. InterFase® is recommended as an adjunct to other efforts to eliminate potential pathogens. These efforts are best combined with use of a high-potency, broad, multispecies probiotic formulation and a prebiotic to encourage the formation of healthy intestinal microbial biofilm communities. InterFase® may also be combined with antimicrobial agents.

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