Healing The Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer & Other Chronic Diseases
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Healing The Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer & Other Chronic Diseases
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Healing-The Gerson Way by Charlotte Gerson, founder of the Gerson Institute and daughter of Max Gerson, MD, and Beata Bishop, is a complete guide to the theory and practice of the Gerson Therapy developed over 80 years ago by Dr. Max Gerson, MD (1881-1959), It shows that increasingly denatured, nutritionally empty, toxic modern diet is the main cause of today’s worsening health crisis. The book offers the solution in the form of a brilliant, precision-built nutritional program that eliminates the underlying causes of disease, leading to lasting cures.

It’s a Crying Shame...
...that a loved one with cancer has to face chemotherapy, radiation, or even surgery without ever knowing there’s a proven alternative therapy out there that has a 65-year record of success with thousands of fully-recovered patients. Learn what these people discovered. Read success story after success story of people just like you seeking information about alternative cancer treatments and found the Gerson Therapy®. All the vital information – when the therapy was discovered, how the therapy works, why your body starts the recovery process so quickly, why liver detoxification is the missing link, success stories, patient testimonials, and much more – has been brought together in this single volume

The Gerson Therapy has over 80 years of proven success with heart disease, emphysema, drug addiction, alcoholism, psoriasis, arthritis and many more chronic/degenerative diseases and over 60 years of successful cancer treatment. Doctors and the medical establishment have been telling us for years that these often life-threatening diseases are “incurable.” The only way to treat them is with harmful drugs, radiation, or invasive surgery - methods that so often only serve to make the patient's condition worse - or at the very least have serious side effects with consequences as severe as the disease they are designed to treat. No cure for cancer? Then why have thousands of patients on the Gerson Therapy passed the 5-year mark for a “cure?” How is it possible many are still alive and well after receiving treatment more than 50 years ago? Now you can have all the benefits of this therapy in your own home. When you purchase Healing The Gerson Way – Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases you will have at your fingertips all of the life-saving methods used in Gerson clinics around the world for more than 40 years.

This book will show you:

How to conquer cancer by changing your body chemistry;
How to strengthen your immune system and at the same time vastly improve your cardiovascular health;
How to detoxify your liver (note: this is the missing link to recovery and perfecthealth);
How to eliminate fatigue and weakness;
How to prepare delicious, super-healthy, Gerson-approved recipes (over 70 pages of recipes included are in this book);
Juicing techniques to get the maximum benefit from organic fruits and vegetables;
How to slim down naturally, without cravings or hunger pangs;
And much, much more.
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