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Betty Dietz - Qualifications

Betty Dietz - Qualifications

Betty C. Dietz attended Western Institute of Neuromuscular, in Orange County, CA, receiving more than 1,000 hours of training. The school’s strong emphasis was anatomy, physiology, as well as sports medicine.

Betty is a California Certified Massage Therapist. “She has taken an important step in being recognized as a leading professional in the healing arts. California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) gives Betty the freedom to practice in multiple cities without the burden of needing multiple permits.”

She has been practicing as a therapist for the last 23 years, working with several chiropractors during her career as well as working privately with her clients. She practices Neuromuscular massage (deep tissue), Swedish massage, Manual Lymph Drainage, Reflexology, Myofacial Release, and many other modalities. She muscle tests before and after to make changes in the range of motion. She works on improving the muscular structure as well as moving lactic acid or toxin from strained muscles.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Betty is a caring, intuitive and amazingly effective deep-tissue massage therapist. My body had become quite hardened with limited movement in spite of my exercise program. With Betty's firm but compassionate bodywork I have greatly increased freedom of movement and freedom from pain. Betty is a life-improvement professional.

For about a year and a half Betty has been relieving many of my aches and pains through her therapy. I suffered from migraines, neck pain, shoulder immobility, and other muscular issues that were a chronic problem. Betty finds ways to work on an area that gives me relief and helps me sleep better at night. She is very knowledgeable about holistic healing and has given me many great remedies and alternative choices to solve an ailment. Since I have been seeing her, my back, neck, jaw pain are very mild and I no longer suffer from migraines. Betty is a wonderful healer and is always available to help cure a problem.

I started seeing Betty in the late 90s. When I first went to Betty, I could not raise my right hand above my head. She patiently worked on me until I had full range of motion. Since then, she has helped me clear parasites successfully while fasting, stay clear of pneumonia and experience a greater quality of health.

Being an athlete most of my life, I thought injuries improved in time, but I was misled.  I didn't realize that the stress from my job was slowly causing my muscles and joints to ache. Betty has given me a massage almost every week for about eight years. I work about 60 to 80 hours a week, often play golf and regularly wrestle with kids. Her deep-tissue massages have made it possible to maintain such a full schedule. Her work has released stress, toxins and has given me improved health.

Betty’s expert “healing hands” have worked miracles on my chronic physical conditions which were migraines, headaches, TMJ, constantly aching neck, shoulders, and upper back. In the past due to a highly stressful job and a car accident, I lived with migraines. Because I had lived in a number of states in the country, I have experienced the work of many massage therapists.  However, Betty is by far “the best” massage therapist.  First of all, I have had positive results from her massages. Second, Betty is a highly experienced deep-tissue massage therapist who is caring and intuitive; she knows where I hurt before I can tell her about my pain.  I see her on a regular basis for maintenance because of my ongoing full-time computer work and because I am a runner.  As a result of being in her care, my migraines and headaches are rare.
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